The number of happiness: how to calculate the perfect wedding date using numerology

How to calculate the date according to the date of the birthday.

Число щастя: як розрахувати ідеальну дату весілля за допомогою нумерології

Marriage – it is responsible. Therefore, the choice of wedding date the couple should be approached with special attention. Some days can be good for marriage, others to destroy your Union. How to calculate the perfect date for your couple with the help of numerology?

To calculate your perfect day, you need to know the date of birth of the bride and groom. First add all the numbers in the birth date of the bride, then the groom, to get a single-digit number. Below you will find example how to do it, informs Rus.Media.

Число щастя: як розрахувати ідеальну дату весілля за допомогою нумерології

For example, the bride was born 24.10.1989, the groom – 27.03.1986.

The bride: 2+4+1+0+1+9+8+9=34; 3+4 = 6.

The number of the groom: 2+7+0+3+1+9+8+6 =36; 3+6 = 9.

The number of pairs: 6+9 = 15; 5+1=6.

What does it mean?

Your wedding is better to play 6 numbers. You can still subtract the number of pairs with the last day of the month. If there is 30 days in the month, then subtract 6 and get 24 – this day will be good for your marriage.

How to calculate favorable month for wedding?

In addition to the birth month of one of the spouses is added 3, 4, 6, 9, 10 months. For example, you were born in December. You are well to get married in March, April, June, September, October.

And if the date selected?

You can see what awaits your pair married in numerology. Or calculate thus the desired date. For example, wedding is planned 20.09.2019. Believe: 2+0+0+9+2+0+1+9=23; 2+3=5. The value of the number, you can read below.

Unit. Marriage, which is played under this number, more like a business arrangement than a partnership Union. This number of leaders, therefore, concluded under the marriage unit will be characterized by constant disputes because of the ambitions of the spouses.

Deuce. Good marriages are under two. Of course, family life will not be without difficulties. But in General, is the number of love and harmony.

Three. Sacred to many religions, as well as the number of love and wisdom for brides. This trio will be strong.

Four. This figure is suitable for those who want to marriage make a lot of money. You will succeed. But may be testing the strength of Union money – beware.

Five. In this figure, collected feminine and masculine, so the Union under the five – strong and durable. Even this figure is loyalty. But conflicts in such a marriage can also happen.

Six. If you have an arranged marriage or you are not sure until the end either in his feelings or the feelings of a partner, then your marriage will fall apart. But if your feelings are mutual, then six promises a strong Union for many years.

Число щастя: як розрахувати ідеальну дату весілля за допомогою нумерології

Seven. A kind of family talisman supports seven candles. It will help overcome the difficulties in the relationship and save the marriage.

Eight. This figure includes two fours. One symbolizes wealth, the second is spirituality. It will help to protect your family, give comfort and love.

Nine. Marriage under nine promises hardships and trials pair. There are risks that routine could damage relations, but the family is strong, despite all the obstacles.