The number of Ukrainian migrant workers have identified in the language of the smartphone

Our emigrants issued a language and a Polish SIM card.

Кількість українських заробітчан визначили за мовою смартфону

Now in Poland population of 1 million 270 thousand Ukrainian migrant workers 398. To such conclusion experts of the Polish company Selectivv, which in January 2019 held a large-scale study based on data from mobile operators and app developers for smartphones, writes Gazeta Wyborcza, informs Rus.Media.

To list our workers to a man, they collected data from cell phone companies about the application installed on the smartphone interface language, and the direction of calls that are made by the subscriber. If the person at least once during the year scored a Ukrainian number, and his phone was chosen Russian or Ukrainian language, he is automatically enrolled in Ukrainian. Failure to comply with at least one of the conditions deprived the subscriber the right to call themselves Ukrainian. Excluded and those who enjoyed the SIM-cards of foreign operators.

“It is quite plausible results that confirm the fact that this was only a suggestion. These data also tell us that 3.5% of our population – the Ukrainians”, – commented on the results of research demographer from the University of Lodz, Professor Peter Szukalski.

The company Selectivv decided to “fix” only in the Polish SIM cards, because their presence indicates that a person living in Poland permanently, or leaving for a short time. The rest is just not profitable. Second, Selectivv signed contracts with the developers of 200 thousand mobile apps and 15 million mobile sites. It is through them the company was raised as to convince the researchers, anonymised information.