The nurse was forced prostitutes to drink the blood: the grisly details

Медсестра заставляла проституток пить кровь: жуткие подробности

A nurse from the UK Josephine Iyamu used voodoo magic on prostitutes, to avoid any problems with them when selling into sexual slavery.

According to Mirror, the woman at the same time directed the international network to combat trafficking in human beings and lived in a luxurious mansion with servants, reports the observer.

The girls passed through a Juju rite, after which EMU controlled their will. She forced his players to drink the blood of worms and there are chicken hearts. After all the suffering the nurse promised luxurious life in Europe and a lot of money for prostitution.

Also, prostitutes had to go through the rite of Revokes, which abolished the oath to the gods. Besides black magic, the woman threatened the girls with death at the hands of the “devil” if they did not return her money.

The proceeds Iamu spend on travel in Europe, expensive clothes and shoes. For every girl from Nigeria she got to 38 thousand euros. The woman 37 years as a nurse and even received the nickname of Madam Sandra.

The victim women in fear of violence reached the Libyan coast to the desert, whence came to migration camp in Verona and got a fake ID. After that, they got to Germany.

As a result, EMU and her husband were arrested at Heathrow airport. The police found during the search of her six phones, more than 30 SIM cards and a list of ingredients for the rite.

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