The obvious signs of lying behavior and speech as easily determine that a person is dishonest with you

Признаки явной лжи по поведению и речи: как без труда определить, что человек нечестен с вами

Most of us always face the lie: sometimes fraud is detected quickly, but can sometimes remain hidden for a long time and later become the cause of many problems. Even the deceiving party was trying to avoid by cheating. To determine the truth, you hear or not – it’s hard only at first glance. You should pay attention to clear signs that will let you easily uncover the truth, which is trying to pass off as truth the most inveterate liars.

1. Emphasis on self-honesty

“Calling card” pathological liar – a set of phrases like: honestly, frankly, believe me. It is important to consider: simple use of these verbal combinations is normally, however, if they are talking a man out of place and too often it is an occasion guard. This person feels your lack of confidence and trying to defend their own “honesty”.+

2. An attempt to generalize

Phrases like: I always do this, I never do this — betray the liar immediately. The deceiver loves to hide behind this technique, as a generalization. Not only about themselves but also about others. Reality is an interesting thing, and face the reality and truth you have. Because the man speaks the truth, often resorts to General statements in order to avoid conflict situations and the likely responsibility.+

3. An overly large amount of “water”

Under the “water” in this case we understand something small under the lies. For example, if a liar somewhere late or did not come at all, then his best trump card – a carefully crafted story. But the care – the main enemy of such a person. Speaking sincerely and honestly, sometimes a person omits many minor things.+

For example, the unimportant becomes the exact time and wear the present that the cheater miraculously remembered to the last detail. Thus, if the person your story is “flavored” with a lot of unnecessary details – this is something to ponder. Of course, this does not mean at 100, that you are cheating, but one should get alert. Especially if the person is repeatedly given the reason.+

4. The rejection of the use of the pronoun “I”

Liars don’t like to put himself in the center they invented stories. For this reason, many of these people try not to use the personal pronoun: it lay on their shoulders bigger than I would like, responsibility. Liar is preferable to the use of pronouns “we”, “he”, “she”.+

According to the University of Texas research, deceivers not only renounce personal pronouns, but avoid verbal constructions with the conjunction “but.” They often used words with negative color: hate, sorrow, etc. it can be false negative!+

5. Excessive protection and suspicion

You can put a story or statement of the interlocutor in question, and the answer will be faced with unjustified actions like excessive protection of the correctness of the liar. He will try to justify and defend in all sorts of ways. Your actions and words will justify, once again Pribram, thereby emphasizing its “rightness”.+

This behavior can be demonstrated even when the liar does not feel suspicion. However, when a person starts hard and unnecessarily defensive, angry or frustrated by your mistrust or doubt – it is an occasion guard.+

In conclusion: if you see your interlocutor and find one of us considered the signs become a bit more attentive to detail. Of course, to become suspicious in everything and when dealing with all to look for cheating is stupid and unjustified, but the vigilance never hurt anybody! Honesty and trust in relations between people the most important aspects of any kind of communication. So listen to yourself and be fully prepared – justified and worthwhile goal. Don’t be fooled! Do not transgress!

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