The ocean off the coast of California is oxidized to 2 times faster than the planet

Океан у берегов Калифорнии окисляется в 2 раза быстрее, чем на всей планете

The world’s oceans are oxidized, but it happens twice as fast off the coast of California.

The oceans play an important role in thin carbon cycle of the planet, acting as the major reservoir that absorbs and stores carbon dioxide from the Earth’s atmosphere. According to a new study, the waters off the coast of California are oxidized in two times faster than anywhere else on Earth. It is proved that climate change is likely accelerates and worsens chemical changes in the ocean, which can threaten marine life and fisheries.

Global warming could increase the burden on marine ecosystems and suppress their ability to reproduce. “The system is adapted, but when you add the additional stress these changes become more extreme,” says Emily Osborne (Emily Osborne), a researcher from the National oceanic and atmospheric administration.

The results were published in the journal Nature Geoscience.

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