The octopus stuck to the face of a Chinese woman who tried to eat him alive

Осьминог присосался к лицу китаянки, пытавшейся съесть его живьем

A curious incident occurred with a young blogersha in China. She decided to become famous online, by eating online live octopus. However, as a result, she herself almost became a victim of the mollusk, according to the British tabloid

As noted, the Chinese took the octopus in his hands, brought it closer to his face and ran the live broadcast. However, the clam was not easily frightened and began to defend, stuck the tentacles to the face of the new.

According to records, the girl at first was not afraid of the shrew the deep sea dweller. But later she started crying from the pain she inflicted a clam. The Chinese woman was able to pull out the animal from his face. On camera she promised that she will eat octopus, but another time.

Earlier it was reported that a new Zealand tourist got a face full of octopus. The man was swimming with friends on the kayaks. At this time a clam hunted the seal. He used some technique that causes the opponent flew right into the man. The winner in the battle, however, the result was an octopus. He managed to escape from a predator. Clam latched on to the bottom of the boat.