The open library virtually

Les librairies ouvertes virtuellement

Closed from the 25th of march last, the independent bookstores in Quebec continue to operate with the online business.

Grouped under the banner of The booksellers, a hundred bookstores in Quebec, Ontario and the Maritimes are accessible through the site

It is always possible to order physical books, digital and audio through the inventory of the bookstores participating. The delivery is done by Canada Post.

“The number of online transactions has increased by 1000% since the closure of the bookshops. The books become, in the current situation, the entertainment and moments of reflection and introspection. There is a big boom at present with regard to books for young people,” said Jean-Benoit Dumais, director-general of the Booksellers.

At the end of the transaction, the site offers the opportunity to encourage a local bookstore, if she has the book in question.

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