The opening of the delayed day center

Desired for the winter of 2018, the day center in downtown Sherbrooke may finally be delayed longer than expected. The search for recurring financing and the challenges of governance are at the heart of the challenges that are currently facing this issue.

“Initially, I was part of the speakers who wanted the project to start quickly because the need is urgent, even if the project is imperfect at the beginning. But the people in the middle made me understand that they wanted a day center, yes, but they wanted the project to start only when it is solid and that its funding will be assured in the long term “, explains the director of Public Health of Estrie, Mélissa Généreux.

Money is of course at the heart of the concerns, Dr. Généreux has sought in all the drawers of CIUSSS Estrie-CHUS the sums that could be allocated to the center day of downtown Sherbrooke. She managed to raise nearly half the amount required to set up this day center as desired by the community, close to $ 100,000.

And for the rest? “Temporary funding was available everywhere, but we are keen to put forward a project that will last over time,” confirms Karole Forand, Executive Director of the Sherbrooke Community Economic Development Corporation and a member of the Intersectoral Working Group (IWG) that was set up to reflect on the project.

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