the opposition is worried about a “big slippage” of finances

    the opposition is worried about a “big slippage” of finances

    The ecological majority presented its budgetary guidelines to the metropolitan council. The Greens predict less tax revenue and more spending and debt.

    Are the Greens going to tip the finances of the Metropolis of Lyon into the red? The question agitates the opposition after the presentation of the budgetary orientations planned by Bruno Bernard and the ecological majority in the metropolitan council on Monday.

    3.6 billion euros in investments

    The community having been “well managed financially” before, this allows “to be ambitious despite the uncertainties,” said President EELV of the Metropolis of Lyon on the occasion of this council. In particular, he announced an investment plan for the duration of the mandate amounting to 3.6 billion.

    On this occasion, the loan should be privileged, which makes Gérard Collomb, former mayor of Lyon, fear a “big slippage”.

    “At the end of our mandate, the city of Lyon had 3.3 years of debt reduction capacity. The new majority announces that at the end of its term it will be around 8 to 10 years,” he denounces. he on Twitter.

    “Protect the weakest”

    For his part, David Kimelfeld is mainly concerned about the decline in tax revenues.

    “The Greens have chosen to want fewer businesses, therefore fewer jobs and fewer people living in our metropolis, and fewer tourists,” says the former president.

    However, tax revenues “are used to finance the necessary investments in the municipalities” and “to protect the weakest”, argues the elected opposition. “We will not be able to protect them, to generate investment, if we do not have tax revenue.”

    The multi-year investment program will be put to the vote of the Metropolitan Council next January.

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