“The ordinary weather of Leningrad” in St. Petersburg, fell a snow in may

«Обыкновенная ленинградская погода»: в Петербурге выпал майский снег

May the snow covered Saint Petersburg. Residents had to postpone the hikes to barbecues and get out of the closets for warm clothes.

The street is only two, snow and wind speeds of 15 meters per second. Although the last week and a half in the city the sky was clear and the sun was shining. To the delight of the townspeople, the storm ended as suddenly as it had begun.

Forecasters predict that the snow will periodically go to different parts of the city. Declared a “yellow” level weather risk. Emergency workers sent out to residents notification about the possible wind speeds of up to 23 meters per second.

Weekend Petersburgers also will not be happy – the temperature will be plus 8 degrees. The heat will be back in town just for Monday.