The organizations deplore the lack of transparency of the CSDM

Photo: Jacques Nadeau Le Devoir
The Centre d’intégration scolaire de Montréal risk of losing the premises he rents in a building in excess of the CSDM.

Community organizations have denounced Wednesday the lack of transparency of the Commission scolaire de Montréal (CSDM), which is planning to resume the premises it leases in the wake of the relocation of its headquarters.


“For the past few weeks, we hear about the possibility of the sale of redundant buildings […] Is what we could make public the list of these institutions, or at least notify the affected groups, those you like to call your partners ? “asked Guy Arsenault, director of the Centre de la petite enfance (CPE) Alexis le Trotteur.


Just like a dozen others, this CPE is installed in a building “excess” of the CSDM. Mr. Arsenault is concerned, however, that the property he rents is among those whose the largest school board in Quebec account to get rid.

It appears to me difficult and too early to advise people, but as soon as the decision is made, we will notify relevant partners
Catherine Harel Bourdon, president of the CSDM

“The decision will be taken at the meeting of the board of commissioners on 20 December. In the meantime, it appears to me difficult and too early to advise people, but as soon as the decision is made, we will notify relevant partners, ” assured the president of the CSDM, Catherine Harel Bourdon.


Le Devoir revealed on 9 November that, forced to close its head office is contaminated with mold, the CSDM is planning to relocate its 766 employees in premises which would be leased long-term.


To finance a portion of the costs of this relocation, the CSDM plans to put on sale a dozen of his buildings described as ” surplus “, occupied by community groups. According to The Press, the CSDM is negotiating a 100 million lease with a single provider.


“It seems to us unlikely that the groups concerned are not yet aware […] It is through the media that we learned that a dozen buildings would soon be for sale,” said Simon Ambeault, a spokesman for a coalition of thirty community groups accommodated by the CSDM. The organizations deplore the fact to be put before the accomplished fact.


“I cannot confirm nor infirm the sale,” replied Harel Bourdon, who insisted on the confidentiality that requires the process.


“School of last chance” in danger


The president was also confronted with the topic of the Centre d’intégration scolaire (CIS) Montreal, located in Rosemont, which would also be in danger.


This private school non-profit welcomes the students of the “most difficult” of the seven school boards.


The institution that occupies the CIS belongs to the CSDM, which would like the resume to accommodate the students of the schools in the area that are overflowing. In 2017, the CSDM hosted 1860 more students than expected, or the equivalent of six schools.


“It was their guardian angel, but now they need other guardian angels,” said Ms. Harel Bourdon.


Once again, the president has indicated that it does not confirm the recovery of the building and that the case of a sale, ” there will be terms of departure data at the different partners “.

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