The owner of the house five days tormented by robbers who tried to Rob him!

Хозяин дома пять дней мучил грабителей, которые попытались его ограбить!

Once, two experienced robbers, on account of which were already hundreds of robberies, broke into the house of one man. He picked the lock and got inside.

Burst so to the man who was at home. The man called Harry Harrington, who had just returned from a 10-year prison sentence for the rape of men. Everyone called Harry a man with a wolf for what he his height was two meters, and weight appropriate.

The male owner of the house, easily connected the hapless robbers and five days in a row and used them as… well, as you say. In that capacity, for which he then put in jail. Only on the fifth day the neighbors who are tired of heart-rending cries from the apartment Harrington, called the police.

Men the robbers looked at their saviors with hope. Hard to imagine that they ever had experienced. Policeman Harry said, “They broke my front door, and back”. So the fate of costs sometimes thieves.

The story became a tall tale that all young people (and not) tell each other when someone decides to gather for spirited affair. Who knows who will be the next victim of the wolfman?!

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