The owner of the Hurricanes against the matches behind closed doors

In the opinion of the owner of the Hurricanes of the Caroline, Tom Dundon, the idea of fighting the closed-door meetings should be abandoned.

The national hockey League (NHL) plans to finish the season in a few cities only, and without supporters in the stands. However, there is no guarantee that the season 2020-2021 can proceed as planned due to the pandemic of COVID-19.

“I believe that everyone should be careful with the beginning of the next season, because we need supporters,” said Dundon, Monday, according to the network ESPN. “So if that means pushing back the start of the season, whatever the sport, it is to be seen. What is the point of having the sport if you don’t have supporters?

“[The leagues] would be like the YMCA.”

Thus, Dundon is of the opinion that the possibility of delaying the next campaign should be considered.

“I think it is a good idea to push for as long as necessary, to ensure that there may be people in the arenas. No matter if it is at 100% or 50%. […] But my vote does not count for much.”

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