The Paris city hall denies this, wanting to “ban” gasoline cars (but they are not welcome)

Traffic in Paris, illustration. — SIPA

  • In the framework of its territorial Climate and Energy Plan, the City of Paris has to reduce by 60% the greenhouse gas emissions related to traffic.
  • The project echoes the Climate plan announced by Nicolas Hulot.
  • It is primarily a matter of developing the modes of alternative transport.

“No prohibition or penalty is not included in this new Plan, Climate and Energy territorial of Paris. “The development, designed to stop the controversy, is signed by Anne Hidalgo, in a post published in mid-day on Facebook. This Thursday morning, France Info radio announced that the mayor of Paris provided
to prohibit the movement of cars running on gasoline in the capital city from 2030.

“To achieve the goal of an end of the heat engines in 2030, we have decided to invest in the development of alternatives and the strengthening of the financial aid that allow individuals and professionals to buy clean vehicles,” says the mayor of Paris, in a message posted on Facebook. In the clear : the city of Paris does not wish to ban gasoline-powered cars, but encourage alternative modes of transportation. Public transport, electric car, bike…It is just about to take the crease of the transition energy on the Climate plan as worn by Nicolas Hulot.

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What alternatives are there and what are the energies ?

The capital city wants to expand the modes of transport ” soft “, that is to say, no génèrant no pollution or greenhouse gas emissions. At the head of gondola ride : the bike that is the subject of a plan in the capital since two years. The Autolib’ electric cars as a free service, should also be strengthened. “The 1,000 machines available are not yet enough,” said Christophe Nadjovski on
BFM. Similarly, all services of electric scooters, bikes or even
scooters self-service need to be developed.

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The ambition of the parisian does not sign the death warrant of the car. “Other energies such as biogas, hydrogen, or solar energy are the subject of new alternatives to conventional fuel,” says the assistant to the transport. The plan Bus 2025 also plans to replace the 4.600 bus of the RATP in the Ile-de-France by own vehicles.

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What do they think of the drivers ?

The ads, even if they have been partially refuted, still the worry of around 600,000 motorists that circulate daily in the capital. “How Paris can today take such measures ? The traffic lanes in the heart of the capital have already been narrowed, which creates even more traffic jams “, said Michel Romanet-Perroux, president ofthe Union for the defence and equality of movement motorized (Udelcim). And to add : “We expect a dialogue with Anne Hidalgo. It is necessary to finish with these decisions, isolated, and without consultation with those most concerned. “

Before a tour de table at the Council of Paris of the 20th November, the mayors of each borough will be consulted in order to be aware of the objectives.