“The Paris plot”

«Парижский заговор»

Announcing fierce zradu, which will take place in Paris on 9 December. Yet botafirm Peter I have not decided on a name. Whether “complete capitulation before Putin Zelensky”, or the “Paris Pact”. But the intense intellectual work in this direction is underway. Well, as intellectual… So, move so than usual move in these cases. One thing is clear: regardless of the outcome of the meeting in “Norman format” will be Zelensky “srednica”.

Sharply intensified, the leaders parkovatsya opinions that have already caught the President in the desire to get on the gas the needle of the Kremlin. The best bots “pig farm” yelling about the threat of cheap gas. The most famous forum “the Madhouse” blogger Roma Shrike, better known online as Roma Asshole, warns Zelensky: in any case it is not necessary to negotiate with Putin about gas, because it is a surrender of national interests. Only COBOL and Vitrenko (the leaders of “Naftogaz”) is authorized by Soros and Democrats in the US to conduct such negotiations. They material, receive tens of millions of wages, and their position is very clear: either Gazprom will supply Ukraine in three to four billion dollars of gas, or let him go to the forest. There is a court decision, according to which Russia owes us billions of dollars. They have there no right. Upload your stinking gas in our racially pure storage is a direct obligation of the aggressor. In my opinion, absolutely clear and understandable position. We are all held hostage by two mu… wise leaders who dry replay of the Russian gas monopoly. No transit of Russian gas until, until we will be on the ball to supply the blue fuel. The epic “whipping “Gazprom”.
So if Zelenskiy in Paris say a word about the gas, it immediately becomes “srednica”. I do not exclude that it will be in the list of the site “Peacemaker”. If not already made. It should be checked. Even if the Ukrainian President will not say anything about gas, he’s a traitor. Because agreed on “the ultimate conditions of the Kremlin.” The most advanced “Parkaboy” claiming to be “elite” because honey drink coke and wear blazers with leather patches on the sleeves, got the exact version of “Putin’s ultimatum”. It is dispersed on the network with panic review: “Zelensky kneel before the aggressor, all, sister, it’s PI…TS”, “the President agreed to the partition of Ukraine”, “in Paris will only issue a surrender of a European nation”.

Became hysterical. Bots cry, post pictures of toilets with Russian symbols and swear to uphold the honor and dignity of Sophia Pedini to the end. Apparently, this refers to the end of it, as leaders of public opinions agreed in one thing: it definitely put you in a dank prison. I do not think that such a prospect opened itself Sofia, who unexpectedly became the “assassin of Archduke Ferdinand”. She thought that just postebatsya with his “kolezhanka” in “u-tube”. The leadership of the faction “the DOG” guarantee full security. And suddenly all grown-up: the idea of deprivation of parliamentary immunity, criminal case about attempt at Zelensky, “the funeral” in social networks. She suddenly realized that she make a sacrifice for the future “Anticapitalism Maidan”. “Cute joke” doesn’t seem patriot so cute. But what to do? Need sacred sacrifice. And new “charismatic leaders”. Sentsov has become a project “Savchenko 2.0”.

After the failure with Slava Vakarchuk, who was too stupid even for Soros, it is necessary to look for a new liberal leader. Former “prisoner of the Kremlin” has already expressed a desire to purchase a nuclear bomb for protection from Putin. Better, of course, hydrogen.
Like the Sakharov prize which he received in Brussels in exchange for another mug from the dungeons of the FSB. It’s amazing how much property Sentsov managed to take out of Butyrka. Zelensky gave the bottle a suspicious look, the Macron stopar in the Museum of “dignity,” the clothes fit. In short, the “Sarasate” in tenderness let the snot and tears. I think “anticapitalista independence” Sentsov another artifact from the basement of the Lubyanka will look very impressive. Fedina – “victim”, Director – the leader of the Poroshenko – sponsor. And this is…a minute, the weak spot in the upcoming mass uprisings. Peter doesn’t like to part with money signs. In psychiatry, this disease even has a name. It seems that kleptomania. No, it’s about a pathological craving all wee…dit. However, Poroshenko is too. In short: the financing of “Parisian uprising” has problems. Most importantly, the bots that drive Frank snowstorm, Peter A. forked. They do not bother to rewrite the Minsk agreement (still nobody saw them) and pass them off as “the ultimatum of the Kremlin.” Importantly, signed them himself Peter. But he has an iron excuse: personally signed did not, only stood aside, and, in General, it was a “beautiful diplomatic game.” What is beauty, none of the “porkopolis” couldn’t specify.

You know what I mean: “zrada” will happen in any case. Cheap gas to the Ukrainian economy will not survive, and fall to pieces. Peace in the Donbass we do plunge into a deep state Kremlin aggression. Don’t even ask how that’s possible. If there will be a meeting of Putin with Zelensky without the French President and the German Chancellor, this “conspiracy”. Therefore, after the barricades, Fedino in the dungeons of the GPU, and the crowd needs to provide Peter.

Alexander Zubchenko
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