the Paris prosecutor’s office opens an investigation

    the Paris prosecutor’s office opens an investigation

    The Paris prosecutor’s office has opened an investigation after hateful and anti-Semitic messages posted on Twitter against Miss Provence, during the Miss France 2021 election on Saturday evening.

    Hateful tweets marred the Miss France evening. Miss Provence, April Benayoum, was the victim of anti-Semitic messages on social networks after having mentioned in her portrait the Israeli origins of her father. The Paris prosecutor’s office said Monday the opening of an investigation for “racist insults and incitement to racial hatred”, relays AFP.

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    April Benayoum’s response

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    The 21-year-old young woman became aware of these attacks after the election of Amandine Petit, of which she is 1st runner-up, she explained in the columns of “Var Matin”. “I learned of the existence of these words from my relatives. It is sad to witness such behavior in 2020 ”, she regretted before condemning these remarks and concluding on the subject:“ It does not affect me at all ”.

    These anti-Semitic messages were condemned everywhere on Sunday, from the government to the International League against Racism, via TF1 or Sylvie Tellier. “I am shocked to tell myself that in 2020, there are still people who make this kind of talk, this kind of atrocities and that we let them do it,” said the director of the Miss France committee at the microphone. ‘Europe 1. “Obviously we have to react to stop this,” she added, welcoming the wave of support received by the 1st runner-up.

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