The parks are crowded and the rules ignored by some in Montreal

Les parcs bondés et les règles ignorées par certains à Montréal

Outdoor gatherings of 10 persons are now permitted, but some have pushed the boat out a bit far on Saturday in Montreal.

At Jarry park in the late afternoon, it was not uncommon to see groups of friends less than two meters away from each other, and this, even if the order of Quebec specifies that the detachment should continue to be respected.

Even the limit of 10 people was sometimes exceeded.

“I’m from the North Shore and I have to admit that I made the leap to seeing how many people did not respect the rules”, “alarmed” by Adam Houle, come lay on the lawn with some friends, to two meters away.

Riding on the containment, the young teacher, a native of deux-Montagnes has not seen his friends since the beginning of the pandemic. Even if it was tolerated before, he never would have dared to meet people in a park prior to the announcement of the vice-first minister, Geneviève Guilbault.

The decree on gatherings of 10 people seems to have given the blessing to the last purists of the containment to collect.

As ever, the parks were not as crowded as Saturday, was able to see the QMI Agency.

At the park The Fountain, several waste, beer cans, among others, had even accumulated on the ground.




To say that there is a laxity among the population would be an understatement.

“It is especially dangerous for vulnerable people. For people like us, it goes like a flu. If we stay locked with us, the damage on the economy, on society, will be larger than those caused by the virus”, has defended Nour Sousa, a young woman come to take advantage of the beautiful time at Jarry park with eight of his friends.

“Anyway, we will all eventually have,” said Isabelle Dubois, one of the members of the band.



Francisco Dubois, himself, does not share the jovialisme of his sister. Trying to stay as much possible away from the group, he worried Saturday that the rules be so little respected.

“The 10 people and the two meters, it is more symbolic. In fact, the police can not apply it. The more we déconfine, the more it’s going to be difficult to redo abide by the rules if there is a second wave,” he commented.

Reached by QMI Agency at the end of the afternoon, the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM) has recalled that the new decree does not change anything to the implementation of measures of hygiene in the facts.

Yet, even if a good portion of the people were not following to the letter the instructions, the SPVM has stated not to have had wind of a skid.

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