The Parliament intends to reduce from 25 to 10% of the rent rate for subsoil use for mining

Парламент намерен снизить с 25 до 10% рентную ставку за пользование недрами для добычи янтаря

The Verkhovna Rada endorsed the draft amendments to the Tax code No. 2241, which provides for the reduction of the size of the rent rate for subsoil use for mining. Voted 265 deputies.

Online broadcast of the plenary sessions led to the official channel “Rada”.

The draft amendments to the Tax code No. 2241 provided the decline in rental rates for the use of subsoil for mining from 25 to 15%. However, the profile Committee recommended that Parliament reduce rent rate to 10%. This edition of the deputies supported the draft law in principle.

Recall, the Verkhovna Rada at the same meeting, on 19 December adopted on second reading and in whole draft law № 2240 regulating mining. Special permits for exploration of mineral resources, particularly mining, will provide for 5 years. The area of the subsoil area, for which a special resolution may not exceed 10 hectares. Starting price for 1 ha – 34 thousand UAH.
The document provides for administrative and criminal liability for violations in the sphere of production of amber, and also toughens the liability for raiding.