The Parliament of Moldova are investigating the theft of a billion dollars

PHOTO : “Mir24” / Elena Andreeva


In Moldova was suspended six employees of the National Inspectorate of investigations. Meanwhile, his work began by the parliamentary Commission, the correspondent of “MIR 24” Kseniya Janeeva.

Today, the MPs held the first meeting of the investigation of Bank fraud. The composition of the investigative Commission were approved by Parliament. It included nine members.

They find out all circumstances of a devaluation in the banking system. The scandal erupted in 2014, when it became known about the withdrawal outside the country a billion dollars. The Scam has been drawn three of the Moldovan Bank. The members of the Committee were given several months to prepare a full report and to find the perpetrators.

“As soon as we came into Parliament, immediately asked for a report to the national Bank, then to the Prosecutor. The main objective of this Commission is to find out all of the actions or inaction of state institutions since 2010. We decided to contact the Secretariat of the Parliament for all the documents of our predecessors,” – said Vice-speaker of the Parliament Alexander Slusari.

The Democrats in the session of Parliament come. They consider it illegal. The actual dual power was shared and society: some support the government Democrats and the clock are on duty at the state institutions, others are in favour of the government’s reforms of Maia Sandu. Six police officers publicly supported the leader of the bloc “Akum”, were today removed from their posts.

“When I came to work, people in masks blocked. They asked me what I do not agree why they did it. I replied that I have citizenship. I have taken a position as a civilian and have the right to do it after hours,” – said the employee of the Department №6 of the National investigation Inspectorate Yury Tesco.

The General police Inspectorate said that the police had no right to publicly Express their political preferences. This is contrary to the oath they gave.

“Risk we can’t. This is a specialized Department, which are kept secret documents, and testimony, which are now involved in criminal cases. We decided to strengthen security to prevent information leakage. Acted according to the law,” – said the head of the General police Inspectorate of the interior Ministry Alexander Pynzar.

Police officers suspended from work for 30 days while an internal investigation. In protest today of the resignation of the head of one of the headquarters of the National Inspectorate patrol.

Readiness to work with the new government today also said more than a hundred teachers of the Technical University of Moldova. At the same time the main part of the agencies and the country’s security forces remain loyal to the Cabinet of Ministers under the leadership of Democrat Philip.

Meeting of the Parliament holds every day. Such in the history yet was not. For three months, until was formed by a coalition, MPs have accumulated a lot of unsolved problems.