The past and the slowpoke: say thanks to Putin

Былое и тугодумы: скажите спасибо Путину

© RIA Novosti, Valery Melnikov Scandal ended recent arrival to Kyiv former Deputy of the Lugansk regional Council, businessman Andrei Underweight.”Absolutely fucking traitor, one of the engines of the “Russian spring” in the Luhansk region, separatist headliner sessions of the Lugansk regional Council, signatory of the appeal to the “brotherly Russian people”, long-term resident “Peacemaker””, — so reacted to the visit of the famous “hawk-patriot” Sergei Ivanov, post a photo of Underweight Kiev on Victory square.

The news immediately picked up “Цензор.net” dozens of its information satellites, and flew scolding over bumps.

Meanwhile, Andrew Underweight gave an interview to Natalia vlashchenko in the project “Vласть vs Vлащенко” and told of things about which ordinary Ukrainian viewer to think not in a hurry.

“The main attacks were by night, told Underweight about the events of 2014. — A fire of “Hail” fell into the sleeping area, the so-called southern areas… the missiles flying through me this day, and they were sleeping right in the most densely populated area of the city. Half an hour later I went there and I was taken relative to the trunk of his jeep I took it to the morgue.
We stood there for three hours, of two dead bodies. The second corpse beside him — a strapping young man of twenty, who was walking with a stroller, and fragments of “Grad” came to him, it so happened that he closed of a child with a stroller his back, with his body. There is nothing living was left from the guy. Stroller all drenched in blood and the baby are safe. Mother came running, loses consciousness, faints, take her and the baby, and the father left, he was next to me. Here my cousin is, there is a second corpse lies. And I was taken to the morgue in the trunk of their relatives.”

Былое и тугодумы: скажите спасибо Путину

© Vласть vs Vлащенко MS vlashchenko terrified, the audience is shocked — for them the realities of the so-called ATO in wonder.

After watching sensational programmes, is replete with examples of the monstrous actions of Ukraine in Donbas, one of the many commentators — some Tatiana Melnik — left is very uncharacteristic for the Ukrainian segment of the YouTube review: “Heavy aftertaste after the interview. I would even say, the explosion of the brain. For the first time managed to look at things from the eyes from the other side. And it is very painful to realize that all five years in your beliefs there was something wrong…”

Opposition politicians and journalists for five years talk about the deliberate killing of civilians, the looting of the APU, the torture in the dungeons of spaclub. These facts are confirmed by international human rights organizations, and sometimes do the Ukrainian media.

However, hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian citizens, according to opinion polls, continue to support the idea of “war to the bitter end”, and a persistently pretend, as if do not know the realities of the civil conflict in Eastern Ukraine.

In the modern information society “does not know” about what is happening in their own country — just a way to consciously cut itself from the alternative information and do this with a single purpose: to prevent the own mental (informational) discomfort.

The second option is a meaningful way to support a warlike policy: in social networks, we see many public appeals not only headliners but also ordinary citizens to the extermination of the population of Donbass (and the Crimea).A large number of people consciously or unconsciously approve perpetrated the genocide of peaceful population, support forced assimilation (half of the interrogated citizens of Ukraine in favor of the closure of all schools, in addition to Ukrainian), ignoring the facts of torture in the KGB — an international organization reported repeatedly, but the criminal liability, no one suffered.

That is hundreds of thousands of people not only themselves involved in the bloodshed (e.g., performing criminal orders), but also support the practice of war crimes.

Testimony of Andrew Underweight, as many hundreds of victims of the APU and dobrobatov, very valuable. As the stories of Ukrainian TV, which, although long, but still told on a Grand scale looting of the Ukrainian army in the Donbas. Or reports of human rights defenders, independent journalists, etc Either you, militant “patriots” take this information and make the appropriate conclusions, or by default, become complicit in the crime, have at least a moral responsibility.

No one incites you to go on public protest. Just for themselves draw conclusions: who were killed on the Maidan (the secret for journalists this was not the very next day), who has led the shelling of Lugansk (which recalls Andrew Underweight) or aerial bombing of cities in your country (the rebels of the aircraft was not). And there, staring, and to understand who benefited the destruction of the Malaysian “Boeing”, come to that.

Of course, you will say that this is all done for the sake of the country, now and in the foreseeable future the beggar state of Europe. Twenty years will need to reach the level of Ukraine at least 2013, and during this time, the surrounding countries will go even further in its development.

The colonial pump is already in full swing pumps the material and human resources in favor of Western neighbors. Talking about skilled workers, skilled medical personnel, scientists, engineers. Unlike the professional “patriots” is the right product in the labor market, and he comes to an end.

In Ukraine itself remains to solve minor formalities for the sale of land, the legalization of prostitution and drugs, and the area will return to the original condition of the era of Polish-Turkish rule: a conglomerate of landless gentry, dumb slaves and girls for the harems. For this there were on the Maidan were fighting with Russia?

Manages Russia Vladimir Putin, which father says about single people and not act rashly. However, it is high time to understand that until the responsibility for the state and military crimes of specific individuals, like Turchinov, Yatsenyuk, Avakov, Tyagnibok and cannibals of lower rank, legitimate encumbrance bear and gave birth to their society. They cover all the Ukrainian people, but whether most Ukrainian people to crimes specific scum poisoned his life?Konstantin Kevorkian

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