The past of an epidemic

Le passé d’une épidémie

Travel back in time… Montreal, 1885. An epidemic of smallpox is raging. In these times of crisis, the mysterious disappearances of orphans – approximately all the same age and living at the same orphanage – begin to be afraid of.

For Julien Tessier and his sister Victorine, who have not seen their parents for ten years, the situation is more disturbing. Especially since the disappearances affect their friends and that Julian is a “victim” of a strange phenomenon…

An epidemic. Yes, the plot of this novel is close to, in any way, a lot of the current situation in which humanity is facing, with the coronavirus (COVID-19). The smallpox epidemic of which it is question in this book has hit Montreal at the end of the month of February, 1885, and has been nearly 6000 victims in Quebec, in the course of the following 15 months. The small historical lesson stops here, and the few resemblances with the current situation also. Because the goal is to provide the children’s literature that entertains and provides an escape, especially during difficult times !

A thriller removing it from beginning to end

It is very interesting to dive into the daily life of young people who live in an orphanage, especially in a period of history far removed from that experienced by the current generation of teenagers. Although Victorine is the only leading female character, you can feel strong and present. His brother, Julien, is however the character with the most intriguing… It is around him that all this mystery Project ” Pox ” turns. Gatherer, curious and just, the drive follows instantly Julian in all his adventures !

The great strength of this novel is its suspense and captivating. In some way, the reader expects a story, rather history – and with good reason – but he soon realized that doing something a little strange or esoteric, is taking place between the walls of the orphanage in montreal… The young man begins to reconnect with his parents, when memories resurface in his memory. Why the little ditty that he sang often of his father he is it now in your head ? And why Julien does it the impression that it could represent a key element of the mystery that surrounds you ?

The Project-Pox is an excellent suspense historical, ready to take any type of player in a world where the lies, the danger, the hypnotism, but also the friendship intersect.

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In this period of confinement to the home, one comes to discover that for the entertainment of everyone, great and small, the literature continues to be one of the most accessible, either by the delivery of novels at home, e-books, or, even, of such apps. Miniminus is a platform for young people’s literature québécoise world, his stories are available in six languages (French, English, Spanish, Italian, German and Portuguese). Small readings that are good, on a variety of themes such as love, sharing, and humor. More than 25 illustrated stories original to be added to this platform, every year, are easy to read directly on the computer or on the tablet. The application offers a free trial subscription of 30 days.

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