The patient refused to the CLSC of Paspébiac was already dead

The death of a man refused to the CLSC Paspébiac the evening of November 23 has nothing to do with the absence of a doctor on duty overnight, concludes an internal investigation conducted by the CISSS Gaspésie. The patient had died several minutes before the paramedics’ call to the CLSC and the medical-nurse team made the right decision to direct them to Maria’s hospital, a further 30-minute drive, says the report published this afternoon. .

The standards of the Ministry of Health provide for a medical presence of 12 to 16 hours per day at CLSC Paspébiac, add the authors, two CISSS executives. However “the history is to offer medical services 24 hours a day”.

That evening, there was no doctor on call from midnight until 8:00 am the next morning, a situation that occurred 28 times between June 1 and mid-November.

The Bonaventure man suffered a cardiorespiratory arrest at approximately 11:13 pm. The paramedics resuscitated the men as soon as they arrived at 11:25 pm When they called the CLSC at 11:45 pm, the medical team Nurse directed them to Maria Hospital, 57 kilometers away compared to 22 kilometers for Paspébiac.

There will be no coroner’s inquest, says the report, contrary to what the paramedics’ union had asked for.

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