The Patriots come to the rescue of the Americans

Les Patriots volent au secours des Américains

The family of Kraft, which owns the Patriots of New England, has made a large contribution to the fight against the coronavirus, a-t-it was learned Thursday.

Thus, the aircraft of the team, the NFL must carry no less than 1.2 million N95 masks. From Shenzhen, China, it has to land at Boston later in the day. According to the “Wall Street Journal”, the governor of Massachusetts, Charlie Baker, has sought the assistance of the president of the “Pats”, Jonathan Kraft, in order to acquire the medical equipment.

However, the family has paid $ 2 million for these masks, about half of the overall cost. Initially, the spacecraft was supposed to bring 1.7 million of these, but its capacity was not sufficient to send all of the United States. As a result, the surplus material will be shipped later.

Moreover, the plane of the football club has been granted a status authorizing the international travel, while members of the crew were able to avoid the mandatory quarantine as long as they remain all in the interior of the unit once arrived in Asia, where they remained for a maximum period of three hours.

“I have never seen so many hurdles to overcome than those placed on our path, said the owner of the franchise, Robert Kraft, the american journal. In the world today, those of us are sufficiently wealthy to make a difference have a significant responsibility to run through the tools available to us.”

“We knew that by purchasing these masks, a very valuable and using the plane of the Patriots, to deliver them to local hospitals, this would help immediately our brave health professionals, he added in a press release. I really hope that it will inspire others to find creative ways to support our doctors, our nurses and our first responders.”

Once the plane returned to Logan international airport, the hardware should be supported by the Massachusetts National Guard. The State of New York, hard hit by the pandemic, will receive approximately 300 000 masks in this delivery.

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