The Patriots have committed a serious mistake, according to Joe Montana

Les Patriots ont commis une grave erreur, selon Joe Montana

The legendary Joe Montana is not impressed by the management of the Patriots of New England, which, according to him, went astray by letting go of quarterback Tom Brady.

The departure to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who have granted a two-year contract at number 12 earlier this week, is not without recalling some memories in Montana. Man of 63 years old – one of the idols of Brady, who grew up in the bay area of San Francisco – had been traded by the 49ers to the Chiefs in Kansas City in April 1993 after having experienced all of its success within a single organization.

“I don’t know what happened internally, but there is someone who has committed a mistake, said the old pivot to the newspaper “USA Today” in connection with the election of the Patriots. My story was different from his own [Montana had left because of the emergence of Steve Young]. In New England, they did not want to ever get rid of it. I still don’t understand why they let him go.”


However, Montana has had the opportunity to discuss with the forty-something woman in the margins of the recent Super Bowl and it may have been one or two clues to a possible node between Brady and the “Pats”. The player-feature wished to have more say in the choice of the organization?

“This is not a matter of opinion. He wanted to control a lot. However, I don’t know that Tampa Bay awarded him. At the same time, you’re just a player. You are trying to accomplish what you want and what you can. It remains that you are not part of the hierarchy when the time comes to hire or fire people,” said Montana.

“I don’t know exactly what he was looking for, but according to what I understand, he hoped to be in greater control of the attack. But I can’t say, I haven’t had a long conversation with him. I spoke to him somewhat in the Super Bowl, but not enough to go to the bottom of things.”