The patron goddess for each sign of the zodiac

Богиня-покровительница для каждого знака Зодиак

The ancient priests and priestesses believed that each Zodiac Sign is associated with the deities and spirits according to the nature of each sign. Moreover, the occult and mysticism consulted with astrologers to perform the summoning spells and other rituals. Therefore, each sign has a subsidiary entity through which it is possible to determine a Goddess-Protectress.

Aries Goddess: Brigid, Bright

Your patron Goddess Brigid (or Brighid), born Dagdas, good Almighty God Tuatha de Danana (translated as the Goddess Danu – Maritime), is a favorite Goddess of Ireland. But she was worshiped throughout England (where she is better known as Brigantiya).

Please note that these deities are so strong that they remain in the same Zodiac sign.

Brigid – the Goddess of fire, light and heat, and her name means “Bright / Exalted”. She is the master of all arts (including magic), it is usually depicted as a blacksmith. She is the Keeper of the divine forge and hearth, able to translate their magical, alchemical, divine power.

Aries refers to his divine Fire to inspire you, give you strength and “draw his sword”. Brigid will help you to balance your strength and create a beautiful world inside of you.

Taurus Goddess: Hathor, Mistress Of The West

Your patron goddess is Hathor! She was one of the most popular Deities in Ancient Egypt. Hathor worshipped kings and ordinary people. In the temples and, of course, the paintings, the tombs often depicted as “Mistress of the West”, which welcomes the dead into the afterlife.

In other roles she was a Goddess of love, joy, music, dance and fertility. It was believed that it helps women during childbirth.

Taureans can call upon your divine power to help others to return the smile and love. Hathor is here to help us to enjoy life and lead us safely to the afterlife.

Gemini Goddess: Iris, Messenger Of The Rainbow

Your patron Goddess is iris, the winged Goddess of mount Olympus, which connects the Gods with the human race. She is responsible for the delivery of omens and messages of the Gods to mortals, she also assisted the Gods, when it was necessary.

She travels with the speed of wind from one end of the world to the other, in the depths of the sea and the underworld. Iris, Golden-winged Goddess, is the personification of the Rainbow.

With 7 main colors of the Rainbow, it symbolizes the diversity of life and the 7 kingdoms, in which she can travel.

The twins call her divine power to help to understand that the bad news may have a positive effect in your life. In addition, iris can bless your character and guide your journey.

Cancer Goddess: Artemis Diana, The Shining

Your patron Goddess is the twin sister of Apollo. Both are God and Goddess of the Sun and moon. Artemis is the divine huntress who keeps us safe and helps women during childbirth. This sacred duty has made her extremely popular in the Ancient world. It was called “Stainless the maiden”, “Safe” and “Homeless”.

Cancers call Artemis-Diana to help them tune into the power of the moon. Their mood swings can be balanced in her divine guidance and feel safe.

The Lion goddess: Sekhmet, lioness Sun

Sekhmet is one of the oldest and most revered Goddesses in the Egyptian Pantheon. Her name comes from the word “schemes” which means power.

Sekhmet was considered the Goddess-warrior, fierce and powerful, protecting all the sacred Egyptian border and the reign of the pharaohs.

People Lion call her a Goddess-the patron Saint of Sekhmet to help them fight the evil and put everything in its place. It gives them strength to continue to perform its task. Sekhmet rewards loyalty and bravery.

The Virgin Goddess: Persephone, Mother Nature

Persephone the virgin. She is a beautiful maiden who charmed the King of the underworld.Hearing her laughter, Hades, God of the underworld fell in love with the beautiful daughter of Demeter, Goddess of the harvest. Once Hades watched as Persephone plays with Cerberus and decided that she should be with him, so he stole her from the world, was taken to the underworld.

Your patron Goddess is the Queen of the underworld, which is also responsible for the change of seasons. When Persephone goes to the underworld at the Autumn equinox, Mother nature sleeps. When she returns from the underworld, spring equinox, Mother nature will be reborn!

Virgo urged Persephone to give them hope, even when darkness came. Persephone can help them understand that there is no such thing as a real ending, life goes on and spring will come again!

The goddess of Scales: ISIS, who restores life

Your patron Goddess loving mother, the healing mistress. ISIS wife of Osiris and mother of Horus. The magic of ISIS was so strong that she even managed to get my husband back, to bring his son, Horus. All prayed for her. Rich, poor, masters and slaves. ISIS is a loving mother of all, she is always ready to hear our requests.

She is the perfect wife and doing everything possible to protect his family.

Libra urge ISIS to give them strength and wisdom they need to make the right decision and stick to it.

Scorpion goddess: the Morrigan, Phantom Queen

The goddess-warrior, which is associated with death and is often represented as a trio of ravens. Morrigan love these birds. Connection with your Goddess-patron and ravens is obvious, as the bird can see the realm of the dead.

It decides who will be left alive on the battlefield. Her strength is amazing, she can surely keep a secret.

Scorpions call the Morrigan, because life and death this is truly an endless adventure for you, the more you seek, the more you find amazing things and reasons to fight. Life is an endless struggle for wisdom, and you, the divine warrior, is born into this world to seek the truth.

The Sagittarius goddess Athena, Wise and Brave

Athena the patron Goddess of Sagittarius. It is revered as the Goddess of Wisdom. Bright, brave and powerful, she stops at nothing until justice will prevail. Athena Goddess who encourages us to be brave, to not focus on our fears, no matter how difficult our path.

The sacred animal of Athena is the Owl, which is always watching, knows the truth. She is confident that we will receive the wisdom that we crave, but only if we deserve it. So we have to be honest and kind.

The Capricorn Goddess: Freya, Queen Of The Valkyries

Freya is the patroness of witches, which they called Sadra. Legend has it that only the women could learn and practice Segrand as a way of magic.

While Freya was in the underground Kingdom of the dwarves, Svartalfheim, she watched as four dwarf dug out a wonderful necklace made of gold and precious jewels Brisingamen, emblem of the stars. To get this treasure, Freya turned to the gnomes to return it. As you may have guessed, Freya had to “sleep” with the dwarves to get the treasure, which was later conceived her magic.

Capricorns call Frey as their Goddess-patron, to become more confident and achieve their goals. It will help you grow and succeed in your endeavours, plus it will help you to bring joy into your tight schedule!

The goddess of Aquarius: Queen MAB, Intoxicating.

Queen MAB or Maev / Maeb Queen of Connacht in the Ulster Cycle of Irish theology. Powerful fairy Queen is your patron Goddess, which is called “intoxicating”. She is strong-willed, ambitious, cunning and promiscuous Queen of warriors. It is believed that it is a manifestation of the Goddess of sovereignty.

In ancient and medieval Ireland was a key part of the inauguration ceremony of the king.According to tradition, the supernatural woman who represents the sovereignty of the land chooses the king, offering him an alcoholic beverage than otdavat his sovereignty.

Aquarians call the Fairy Queen Mabu to get the will and the luck which they need to cope with the pain of the mortal world. She’ll be here, enhancing their charm, making them feel even more unique than usual.

Goddess Fish Yemaya, The Mother Of Water

Area minutes away from yemanja is known as “mother sea,” “Lady rain,” “Mother-Creator”, it is one of the seven African gods of the Pantheon Yoruba. Her name means “Mother whose children are the fish” and expresses its direct connection with the sea.

Often depicted as a mermaid or a black woman on the beach in blue-green and white dress. Yema connected with the ocean, sea water, rain, healing, fertility, the moon, the subconscious, creativity and women’s mysteries such as menstruation, conception, pregnancy, childbirth and menopause.

IEMA manages the household, it provides security, safety, love and healing to all those who ask her help. It is merciful, compassionate spirit that traditionally attracted fishermen, to bless their networks and to provide food to his family. In addition, wives of fishermen often prayed to Yemaya to protect and safely return their husbands home.

Fish call Iemail, Goddess patron to feel safe and stronger. Water is their element, she is the “Mother whose children are the fish”, she will listen to them with compassion and give them what they ask for it.

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