The PCU discourage hiring

La PCU décourage l’embauche

The extension of the Benefit of the canadian emergency (PCU) gives you the cold sweats to several business leaders, who accuse the Trudeau government to create any room a new shortage of labour.

Billboards, commercials, local radio spots, interviews media : the CEO of Moderco Stephan Julien does not know to what saint to vow to recruit the quarantine of the additional staff it needs.

The manufacturer of operable partitions established in Boucherville, however, jobs requiring little or no training, and a starting wage of $ 15.

“The various government programs we derive in the foot. We are privileged to live in a country with a good social safety net, and I understand that some are still awaiting the reopening of their places of work or nursery. But I can’t believe that with almost 14 % unemployment, everyone is not fit to return to work, ” he says.

La PCU décourage l’embauche

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Harold Savard
CEO of Novatech

At its facilities in Sainte-Julie, Saint-Agapit, Beauceville or Anjou, the president and ceo of Novatech, Harold Savard, experiences the same problems.

“It has already been recalled 100 % of our workers. And there is a need for a fifty additional employees. It’s like in real shortage of labour, it is like the COVID-19, there are no resumes that fit. ”

In the manufacturing of windows at the cutting edge of technology, it starts at 16 $ an hour, before going to $ 20 after 1000 hours. But here, too, Mr. Savard believes that the taxable benefit of $ 2000 per month night in the recruitment of staff. And the extension of the eight-week, announced Tuesday by the government of Trudeau falls well wrong.

More incentives

Mr. Savard has denounced “the perception” that some prefer to enjoy the Delivery of canadian emergency rather than to look for work.

“I’m badly placed to say, to abolish the PCU, because people really need them. But it is necessary to encourage people to work, ” pleads he.

Véronique Proulx, president of Manufacturer and exporters of Quebec (MEQ), abounds in the same direction.

“We are in a situation of economic crisis, several sectors of the economy are not divided, but we yes. We want to contribute to recovery and we are left currently with sticks in the wheels. Quebec and Ottawa have to find solutions now. There is an urgency to act, ” says-t it.

In particular, it promotes Ottawa to maintain the full value of the benefit in the case of workers returning to work, and do the same with the young people related to the PCU for students. One could also ask the providers to demonstrate that they are in search of employment, as is the case for the employment insurance, for example.

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