The PCU makes the life hard to the traders

La PCU fait la vie dure aux commerçants

Traders who point out that they have to juggle the schedules of their staff, and consistently engaging, because many employees want to work the least possible to maintain the Delivery, canadian emergency (PKU). An owner of a car wash is so overwhelmed that his 8 year old daughter to work with him.

The happiness to reopen their trade has given way to a headache for employers struggling with employees who don’t want to work full-time or, simply, don’t want to work at all.

This is notably the case of Dany Trépanier, owner of the Car Wash DT, in Lévis. The team as it had prior to the pandemic there is more to go on as before.

It would have much of the work for them. Despite the advertisements, nothing is.

“We are overwhelmed. It is that my little 8-year old daughter helps me, it is not worse eh “, let-t-he fall down with sarcasm.

Employees who disappear

Even the sound of a bell restoration. Vanessa Roberge, co-owner of the restaurant Tapas, and Cork, on the street Maguire, also lives a difficult situation. Employees have even disappeared.

“And there is no way to cut the PCU, grieves-t-it. I can not stop to engage, because I have employees who do not want to come back. “

It must also deal with employees who know how to count ” and who reduce their hours in order not to exceed $ 1,000 per month and thus retain the benefit.

“I would be able to give them more work, but they don’t want to “, argued Ms. Roberge.

“There are people who do not come back not to lose their benefit, but they do not give me their resignation. That, too, is a challenge. “

The companies that do business with self-employed workers also have challenges related to the PCU.

Chrystine Roy, owner of centre Zest, Relaxation, indicates that the provision represents a number of challenges to meet the needs of the customers in massage therapy.

“I have been self-employed, who have not wanted to go back immediately and returned quietly to not to exceed a $ 1,000, she said. It has been difficult, especially in the first few weeks, because we had a super long list of clients who were waiting for appointments that had been cancelled at the beginning of the containment “, she explains.

Concerns in the medium term

For the time being, the PCU and will be available until October 3. In the medium term, the measure concerned Guillaume Lemoine, president of the Association québécoise des spas.

“I anticipate the problems “, drops the chair, also the owner of the spa Strøm. It indicates having to be creative and juggle between the hours and the PCU for massage therapy services in its centres of relaxation.

“There are not so many ways for the government to know that they were promised work and they have refused,” he continues. According to me, a massage therapist who does not return to work, so that there would be enough work to make the same amount he did with the PCU, it is theft, theft of our taxes and our taxes. ”

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