The Penguins vote “yes”, but fear Carey Price

Les Penguins votent «oui», mais craignent Carey Price

The Pittsburgh Penguins would have voted for the plan of the playoffs to 24 teams proposed by the national hockey League, but wouldn’t to face Carey Price and the Montreal canadiens in the first round.

At least that is what reports the network Sportsnet Friday night via the representative of the Association of the players of the “Pens”, Kristopher Letang. “At the end of the day, no one has exactly what he wants. But we want what is best for the game of hockey and continue to make progress in the game,” said the defender of quebec.

According to several rumors, the Penguins would not really want to come across Price during matches if important, to him who is still regarded by players as the best goalkeeper of the league. At the time of the break, Pittsburgh had almost qualified for the calendar to spring while the CH was pulling the leg to the bottom of the ranking.

If the format to 24 teams is actually approved, the Habs would be the last team of the Association Is to get a ticket. According to the filing, the Canadian and the Penguins would battle and this, in a format that is three to five.

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