The Pentagon acknowledged the lag of the United States in the development of hypersonic weapons

Глава Пентагона признал отставание США в разработке гиперзвукового оружия

The United States lagged behind Russia in the development of hypersonic weapons. This was stated by Minister of defense mark Esper during a speech in California. The broadcast was carried out in Facebook.

Responding to a question about whether he is concerned about the creation of hypersonic missiles in Russia, the head of the Pentagon acknowledged that Russia is currently ahead of the United States in developing such weapons, but assured that soon “everything will be different”.

Several years ago, we took a break in regard to these technologies. Then we definitely was in the lead. Now we are playing catch-up. Because the Ministry is investing every dollar you can to ensure that we have the advantage that we will get advantage in regards to hypersonic weapons— he said.

In addition, said Esper, USA concerned about the violation of Russian Treaty on measures for the further reduction and limitation of strategic offensive arms (start Treaty), since many of the latest Russian developments are not taken into account in the contract and beyond.

If to speak about Russia, I am concerned that they are trying to develop various strategic weapons beyond the new start Treaty in its current form— he explained, adding that we are talking about weapons that “were not taken into account and checked”.

The Minister of defense reiterated that Russia violated the INF Treaty, which led to his termination and now is going to violate the start Treaty.

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