The Pentagon brings the centre of its activity in the Asia-Pacific region

Пентагон переносит центр своей активности в Азиатско-Тихоокеанский регион

Lately from the pages of the leading media almost disappeared from the headlines about the two-year war in the middle East that the United States fight against global terrorism. While an increasing number of materials in which readers explain what Russia and China are the new enemies of America. In fact, this shift occurred a few years ago, when the US military found out that a new era – the era of rivalry between the great powers.Instead of having to fight with the armed Islamist movements in the deserts of the Middle East, the Pentagon now is preparing for a major conflict with the strategic adversaries – Russia and China. For this President trump increased military spending of the United States to unprecedented levels.Over the past two years hundreds of billions of dollars have been directed to the development of hypersonic weapons, the establishment of fighters and bombers of the fifth generation, as well as in the technology of directed energy, military systems space-based instruments of war in cyberspace, quantum science, artificial intelligence and automation.According to the news Agency Bloomberg , the change of the priority objectives of the Pentagon was recently confirmed by the US command in the Pacific, as well as Minister of defense mark Esper, who said last weekend that the American troops in large numbers should be further deployed in the Asia-Pacific region to counter the growing ambitions of China.”I find it necessary to reallocate our forces,” said Esper on Saturday during the forum on national defense Ronald Reagan, in response to the question about the drawdown of American troops in Afghanistan.”It was there, in my opinion, is the priority the potential theater of war – said the Esper. – Not only in Afghanistan but in all other places where our troops are deployed, I’m looking for an opportunity to withdraw some of the troops, to send them home or throw to where they will “compete with the Chinese to reassure our regional allies, as well as to conduct exercises and to carry out training tasks.”Trump administration published a national defense Strategy 2018, which sets out the results of the last two decades, when America was waging war against terrorist groups in the middle East. In the future, this document provides for the reorientation of the American military machine to compete with the great powers – Russia and China.”Our first undeniable advantages in combat power before the strategic rivals face a number of challenges, said Esper. – China and Russia, the main revisionist power at this point, modernizing their armed forces, seeking to secure the ability to veto the decisions of other countries in the field of economy and security.”Today it is already obvious that the United States are all deeply involved in the so-called Thucydides trap (the term “Thucydides trap” was introduced by Graham Allison, Harvard Professor and former Deputy Minister of defense, who claims that the cause of all major wars since ancient times, is the fear of the superpowers before the emergence of strong competitors, approx. mixednews). In other words, when one great power tries to supplant another, the war becomes almost inevitable.Change the priority objectives of the Pentagon directly linked to the economic wars of the United States against Russia and China. Washington for the past several years has implemented a policy of sanctions against Russia, and at the same time, on another front, started a trade war with China to stop the growth of its economic and military power.These economic war of the USA against China and Russia gave a powerful impetus to the technological war, which has turned into an arms race with artificial intelligence. All this lays the Foundation for increased geopolitical uncertainties over the next decade. Moreover, the world is gradually getting closer to full-scale military conflict.

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