The Pentagon has tested the bacteria on Americans

Le Pentagone a testé des bactéries sur des Américains

Shortly after the end of the Second world War, the United States have started to make the secretly of biological weapons the use of insects as vectors using, perhaps, even in Korea.

In his book Six-Legged Soldiers, professor Jeffrey Lockwood, University of Wyoming presents research conducted by the 406th Medical General Laboratory of the american army near Yokohama in Japan from 1946. Its 309 researchers have initially focused on diseases transmitted by mosquitoes, but they quickly expanded their research to include ticks, mites, lice, fleas and flies, paying particular attention to the practices of reproduction and biting of black flies and midges that are found in Japan and Korea. ”

Lockwood writes that the research on weapons in entomology have led to discoveries scary. A research project contained a synopsis, which indicated that strains of insects are able to resist the insecticides were developing and that they represented vectors that is potentially more effective for disseminating pathogens that insects are common.

We know from the book of Stephen Kinzer Poisoner In Chief that the CIA and the us army were experimenting with all sorts of ways of “militarizing” of pathogens to disperse sneak up on people. They are even served to their unsuspecting Americans as guinea pigs. In 1950, according to the book of Kinzer, scientists, military used a ship of the US Navy off the coast of San Francisco to spray bacteria that are traceable (they had a red hue) but supposedly harmless in the air above the city.

A statistical analysis and epidemiological has shown that at the end of six days, some 800 000 inhabitants of the city and the region had been contaminated by the bacteria. Over the following weeks, 11 people were treated in hospitals for infections of the urinary tract. They had red pigments in their urine. One of them is deceased. The experience had not been authorized by local authorities who did not even know of the existence.

The research center for biological warfare in Fort Detrick called “operation Sea Spray” of ” success “.

What is the relationship with the coronavirus ?

The COVID-19, was first known to the Americans under the name of “virus” chinese used by Trump. The secretary of State, Mike Pompeo speaks to him of “Wuhan virus”. To divert the blame, the Chinese have replicated through the social networks that they control, that rather, it was the Americans who had introduced the virus in China, and which were at the origin of the pandemic.

This is not the first time that they accuse Washington of conducting a war with pathogens. At the height of the Korean war in February 1952, China and North Korea has said the United States had dropped bombs containing millions of insects carrying infectious diseases. The two countries alléguèrent that 448 aircraft of the US Air Force had at least 68 times, scattered with bombs of “insects carry the bacteria of the plague and the cholera and the germs of other infectious diseases “. China and North Korea have launched a campaign of decontamination aggressive: 3 million doses of vaccine against the plague have been administered. The Americans have categorically denied the accusations.

To this day, the case has still not been resolved. Despite extensive research, evidence, verifiable, have never been able to be established by independent agencies. What is clear is that it was then legal for Americans to engage in a military operation also appalling. Washington was not a signatory to the 1925 Geneva Protocol banning the use of chemical and biological weapons. The United States signed in 1975.

Nearly seven decades later, all we can say is that the United States had the capacity to carry out such attacks, but not that they actually took place… except the one against San Francisco !

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