The Pentagon is concerned about the growth of Pro-Russian sympathies among the military of the United States — survey

Пентагон обеспокоен ростом пророссийских симпатий среди военных США — опрос

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Russian attempts to weaken the West with the ongoing information campaign might have begun to bear fruit. Under attack proved the U.S. military, reports “Voice of America”.

Although most Americans still believe Moscow is one of the main opponents of Washington, the results of a new poll suggests that this view began to change, especially among the American members of the military and their families. According to the results of the second annual Reagan national defense research, completed in October, almost half of the respondents of the military and members of their families (46%) said they consider Russia an ally. On the whole, people in the U.S. have this point of view is held by only 28%, however, this is 9 percentage points more than last year — when Russia was considered an ally of the 19% of Americans. The authors of the survey found that positive views of Russia, apparently, “due to the Republicans who responded to the positive response of President trump of Russia.”Despite the fact that 71% of the US population and 53% of the military and members of their families still consider Russia an “enemy”, the surge of Pro-Russian sentiment is bothering the Pentagon, says American news service.

“From the Russian side are attempts to flood the social media with misinformation to sow doubt and confusion, — said in an interview with “Voice of America” the official representative of the U.S. Department of defense Charles Gleason. — This occurs not only through the controversial and inflammatory dialogue, but also thanks to the false stories intended to gain sympathy (to Russia)”.According to her, the Pentagon is “actively working to expose and counter the Russian misinformation when possible.”

During Reagan’s national defense research commissioned by the Foundation and Institute in the name of President Ronald Reagan from 24 to 30 October, polled over a thousand people in the US. The statistical margin of error of about 3.1 percentage points.

U.S. authorities are increasingly concerned at the strengthening of Pro-Russian sympathies, partly because other polls reveal similar trends. For example, according to the measurement of public opinion conducted by the Pew research center in September 2018, 35% of Americans would like the country to cooperate more with Russia.

Representatives of the defense Department and U.S. intelligence told “Voice of America”, that Russia is “trying to influence the military of the country with the help of a sophisticated campaign influence, which began at least in 2017” (the year the arrival of Donald trump at the White house. — Ed.).

“New surveys show significant changes among Republican voters, who have historically been opposed to Russia. More and more Republicans are changing the views on Russia because of the positive statements of President Donald trump of Russia and Vladimir Putin, “says Jorge Benitez, senior researcher of the analytical center Atlantic Council (Washington), which specializiruetsya on issues of national security and relations with Russia.”Many Republicans can unquestioningly follow what trump says on many issues, including the rhetoric against Russia, but they still say, support the defense spending is intended to strengthen the confrontation with Russia”, — said Paul pillar, a former senior CIA official, now working at Georgetown University. He recalls that many of US sanctions against Moscow remain in force.
In the national defense Strategy of the United States, updated two years ago, Russia and China listed as major threats to the security of America. The Reagan study shows that the majority of Americans agree with that. “When we asked Americans about the countries that pose the greatest threat to the United States, the first answer was China (28%), and the second — Russia (25%),” says Rachel Hoff, Director of the Institute Ronald Reagan.

According to her, Americans also believe that the United States should not cede its position on the world stage neither Russia nor anyone else.

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