The Pentagon refused to investigate the case of the “freezing” of military assistance to Ukraine

В Пентагоне отказываются расследовать дело о "заморозке" военной помощи Украине

Office of the inspector General of the Ministry of defense refuses to start an investigation about why the administration trump has postponed military assistance to Ukraine. On it informs CNN.

It is reported that such an investigation could duplicate or interfere with the investigation of impeachment passing in the House of representatives.

The representative of the Pentagon geninspektora Glenn fine sent about it the letter several senior senators-Democrats who said that with the development of circumstances the decision can be reversed. In particular, the democratic Senator from Illinois dick Durbin said that he was disappointed by the refusal of the office of the defense Ministry of geninspektora to investigate the delay of the Ministry of defense in funding initiatives to promote security of Ukraine allocated by Congress.

We will remind that the administration of Donald trump’s “frozen” military assistance to Ukraine in July, and officials, later called the reason for the refusal, began to make excuses that he was misunderstood.

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