The Pentagon said the transfer of US military assistance to Ukraine

Пентагон назвал сроки передачи военной помощи США Украине

USA to give Ukraine over the next few weeks the balance of military assistance to 2019. Until the end of the fiscal year (October 1), Ukraine had already transferred 214 of 250 million dollars, pledged by the Congress in the US defence budget for the year 2019.

This was announced by the representative of the Pentagon.

This week, four senators from the “Democratic party” sent a letter to the American Minister of defense Mark Esper, expressing concern about the shortfall in our country, the entire amount of military aid. One of the authors of the letter to democratic Senator dick Durbin said, that we are talking about the means, “which must be spent on mission-critical military equipment to defend Ukraine. Now we’re talking about 15-20% of all the money that’s still in the Pentagon. After all this publicity, it is difficult to imagine that the trump does not give this money to Ukraine,” the newspaper writes.

Commenting on the statements that the aid to Ukraine has frozen, to ensure that it is used as intended, dick Durbin noted that there is corruption, and it is important to make sure that American taxpayers ‘ money that go to Ukraine, will be spent for other purposes or stolen.

“We demand honesty in regards to the expenditure of these funds,” he said. The Senator added that unlike several other countries that receive military aid from the United States, Ukraine uses the money efficiently.

Recall that the decision to block military assistance to Ukraine is now at the center of an investigation regarding impeachment of the President trump, who lead the House of representatives of the Congress of the United States. Donald trump is accused of attempting to pressure the Ukrainian government with the intention to get political personal benefit, namely, the investigation in Ukraine in relation to the main potential competitor in the presidential election Joe Biden and his son.

Trump admitted, why has frozen aid to Ukraine. The US President said that he had blocked in the summer of 2019 military assistance to Ukraine because of the high corruption in the country. He also noted that froze aid to force the European Union to help Ukraine more. According to him, Europe should help Ukraine far more than the United States.

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