The People Against

After a conversation with Yaremenko, prostitute stopped to give the Joker a fact.

Народ Против

This is all the result of a special operation aimed at undermining the faction from the inside, by exposure of very human weaknesses of its individual members.

The other weakness is inhuman, but they are not eager to discuss them with the attorney General, even if he live to come to them with a certificate of authenticity issued personally to Sternenko.

Ryaboshapka, by the way, the only thing whose image could suffer from precista, because it turned into a very very funny character, the hero of the correspondences with idiotic questions.

But was not injured, because he successfully ditched his much more serious things than taskinen SMS.

Prankery great miscalculated two things.

First, we have no heinous crime for more than two days don’t remember what sort of correspondence.

Second, to get a real medialine, screenshots little.

You have to write, need to be bright and interesting, otherwise you become a one-day replica of the major Melnichenko on a scale of one to a million.

There is a third point, which is not thought offensive, and that it is an attack on the presidential faction, no doubt.

Yes, in all very different people, someone who loves, someone who hates, someone who despises, plus Yaremenko with his sexual requests.

But it’s all internal points, and any attack Willy-nilly forces to unite on the principle – our beat.

Or, if you will, is our cow, and we are going to porpoise.

As for the corruption, the fact of which everyone was shouting, the pranker would be worth it to start a conversation with Ryaboshapko Ryaboshapka here on the subject of why suffering Poroshenko in the Parliament, and not enjoying life in jail.

And this thought why not visits of journalists, given stupid questions, why the MP was offered a prostitute dollars.

Yes, even the Chinese yuan, really like something, I would have counted at the rate, does it really matter?

This budget process, nothing more.

By the way, more transparent and encouraging than the ones we faced in the 20th year.

I mean, yeah, I’m biased.

But I can’t shake the idea that we’re trying to play a game of chess Poroshenko, instead of kick with Board pieces and start a new one.

By its own rules.

No, of course we are extremely reinforced Cabinet Milovanov and Borodyansky, but even that is a monstrous advantage was not reflected in the figures.

There is a new policy that would give a boost to the economy.

But without a push we’re going into the debt abyss, and no difference, slightly faster or slightly slower than before.

The strategy there, and tactics are always a failure.

And this despite the fact that both the society and the Parliament are ready to really bold decisions that will make you cry out in pain today, but will effect tomorrow.

The pain is, and the solutions with no effect.

And I really want to say yet, but I know that if it is not, then where?

All this happens under the cries of the dominance of the oligarchs, although personally I still really did not notice anything at all that could somehow be interested in the existing Parliament.

No, of course there are people who believe that the oligarchs make a desperate bet on the laws about cash registers, semiconductors and the protection of geographical names, but to me it isn’t rushed.

Moreover, I’m not sure that Akhmetov gasped with joy when Lyashko decided to play the role of a knight, fighting for Rinat Akhmetov.

This made some impression on the impassive natagaima always Gems, but it seems no more.

To honor, so to speak, of both, they fought in the Ukrainian language, which can record a merit or Peter, if you really want to.

But what’s really interesting me is screaming that if you raise the rent on Akhmetov ore to any interesting levels, all our products will become unprofitable, will lose markets and so on.

A wild idea that he simultaneously slightly reduce the profits of their companies at the size of rent increases, why it does not sound fundamentally.

And that is why I would still try it even once well tried for 28 years?

In short, all this talk at 20.00.

At SYKE, the People Against, as always.

Yes, I read your accusations of lack of reviews after the ether, but I really hate telegrams, in which there is no review for the sake of which, actually, all I.

And in Facebook I’m banned for another couple of weeks.

Pull up to eight, we with Yury Mikhalchishin week tormented until the topic of battle came up.

Not to make you despicable zatihli in a child, honest!)Max Buzhansky