The performance of the 311 below expectations

The performance of the 311 below expectations

One year after our Bureau of Investigation revealed its poor performance, the City of Montreal's Citizen Relations Department, 311, is still experiencing hiccups.

In 2019, an internal document from the City indicated that “the performance of telephone service in Montreal has never been so weak”.

While the City has set itself the objective of answering 80% of calls in less than 100 seconds, this was the case for only 16% of calls in the spring of 2019. Officials pointed out in particular the centralization of services which was deteriorating handling calls.

This year, the performance is better, but it is still far from the target. Only 44% of calls were answered on time during the months of April, May and June 2020, reports a report we obtained.

Containment was needed for the 311 service to reach its target.

In April and the first half of May, the number of appeals fell by 34%, the report shows. And it was only during this period that about half of the boroughs managed to exceed the target of 80% of calls answered in less than 100 seconds.

Return of the pendulum

After the deconfinement, the performance plunged again. For example, the main queue went from a performance of over 90% during containment, to less than 20% in late May and June, when citizens resumed calling.

“The performance of the 311 network has seen an overall and significant improvement in 2020, argues the City, via its spokesperson Gonzalo Nunez. The 311 network was, however, under heavy strain in the second half of the second quarter. ”

“The resumption of activities and the reopening of the City's facilities also had the effect of increasing the average call processing time,” he continues.

The response time was thus reduced from 57 seconds during confinement to more than 7 minutes thereafter.

As for emails, the response time fell from 2.2 days in spring 2019 to 4.5 days in 2020, although the City received 4% fewer requests.

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