The performances include Petite-Vallée

Les spectacles reprennent à Petite-Vallée

After seeing their festival fall on the water because of the pandemic, the banks of a Small Valley will echo again to the rhythm of the music as soon as Thursday, while Émile Bilodeau will launch a series of outdoor concerts at sunset.

Geneviève Jodoin, Colin Moore, Saratoga, Jerome 50, Natasha Kanapé, and Sara Dufour are scheduled, also on a stage erected at the edge of the sea.

Due to the limitations of the public health, only 50 tickets are available to attend concerts, cabaret. In case of bad weather, the shows will be held under the big tent of the Old Smithy, erected on, even if the festival has not taken place.

“Sometimes, the constraints, that gives other ideas, commented on the general and artistic director of the Village in song, Alan Side. It will give rise to magical moments. I think it will be an experience for the public to see the sky change color while the artists tell their stories. ”

Reconstruction delayed

Hit by two fires in 2017 and 2018, which destroyed The House Lebreux and the Theatre of Old Forge, the festival is facing another challenge with the pandemic.

“My arms are dead, but not lowered “, argues, however, Alan Side.

It is estimated that the pandemic will delay the inevitable rebuilding of the Theatre of Old Forge, initially scheduled for 2021.

“It slows a lot the process, but the course is kept to 2022, to perhaps have a festival in 2023 in the new theatre,” he concludes.

Tickets are available at the

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