The period of preferential customs clearance “probleh” will not continue

DFS has no plans to extend the preferential regime of customs registration of cars with foreign registration.

Строк пільгового розмитнення "євроблях" не продовжуватимуть

Deputy Chairman of the State fiscal service (SFS) Victor Krivitsky stated that information about the possible extension of the preferential regime of customs registration of cars with foreign registration does not correspond to reality, informs Rus.Media.

Krivitsky said that during his working meeting with head of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on taxation and customs policy Yiannou N. P it was found that the continuation of the grace period is not planned. Krivitsky reminded that the grace period ends February 22, 2019. It is reported that after that date the owners of the cars will pay for the design of a full rate of excise duty.

Moreover, from may 2019 to violators of the customs regime “transit” and “temporary importation” law enforcement authorities begin to apply strict financial sanctions including the confiscation of the vehicle.

From the beginning, the zones of customs control some of the customs have accumulated a significant number of vehicles whose owners are awaiting payment established by the state of payments, the completion of the procedure at the customs and in line with legally to use the car.

Quick process interfere with the actions of some “populist” who advise car owners not to rush into customs clearance, and explain that it will be extended the grace period, a modified temporary order of customs clearance of vehicles.