The permanent representative of Turkmenistan to the UN called for the strengthening of cooperation in the Aral sea

Постпред Туркменистана при ООН призвала расширять сотрудничество в спасении Арала

The permanent representative of Turkmenistan to the UN Aksoltan Atayeva called for greater cooperation to save the Aral sea. It is connected with the Aral sea environmental disaster in Central Asia, she said on Tuesday at the meeting of the 73rd session of the General Assembly.

“Prior to the shallowing the Aral sea was the fourth largest lake in the world. Over the past 55 years, the volume of water decreased by more than 15 times, its level dropped by 20 meters, on its territory were formed 5.5 million hectares of saline sandy areas. This has a negative impact on the region’s ecology, health and lives of people, flora and fauna” – quoted by TASS Ataeva.

According to the Ambassador, the impact of the Aral catastrophe is observed worldwide. Toxic salts from the Aral sea found on the coast of Antarctica, on the Greenland glaciers, in the forests of Norway and many other parts of the world.

“The most important task now is to reduce the devastating impact of the Aral sea crisis on the environment and human health,” said Atayeva.

In her opinion, without the support and assistance of international financial institutions and developed countries, without the leading role of the UN cannot solve this problem. She expressed the hope that the General Assembly adopted a special resolution on this issue will expand the opportunities for cooperation between the United Nations and the Fund for saving the Aral sea.