The Perrache cat bar continues to exist despite the economic climate. The cats at the cat bar wrote a novel while in confinement

    The Perrache cat bar continues to exist despite the economic climate. The cats at the cat bar wrote a novel while in confinement

    What do the cats at the Le GentleCat cat bar in Perrache in Lyon do when the establishment closes, in the evening normally and for several months due to the confinement linked to the Covid-19 pandemic? They are writing a novel!

    During the first confinement, in the spring, three of the nine purebred cats from the bar of the 2e arrondissement wrote “Tribulations of a cat bar” . Published a few weeks ago, he tells about their daily life during confinement, but also five years of their life in a cat bar. A cry of love to their client-visitors, coupled with a “help” linked to the economic situation.

    Over a little over 300 pages, three of the emblematic residents of the place talk, each with their own touch, about their daily life: clients, news, best moments… “Nicole”, exotic shorthair, ex-candidate for the 2017 presidential election, s ‘asks about humanity and jeers at all costs. “Jeanne”, the white Persian, has a crush on all the males that pass. And “Louise”, the overweight Charterhouse is building up a whole police investigation…

    A well-licked first novel

    Easy to read, well done, from what we have read (the first pages are available for consultation on the website), it is a good gift idea for cat lovers. No wonder it is well written: the three narrators enlisted the services of one of the two managers, Jimmy Riot-Perié, alias Jimmy James under his author name, 36 years old, who was for ten years professor of French and general culture in the private sector.

    The GentleCat is a beautiful story of reconversion, born in Metz, on a Christmas market: that of a couple in their thirties, Jimmy and Jérémie, Lorrain French teacher and Normand engineer in the luxury industry in the city, who arrived together in Lyon to respectively finish their studies and get their first job. “Over time, Jérémie wanted to bake and open a tea room, and I wanted to start a cat farm,” Jimmy says. We were on the Metz Christmas market with a friend a few years ago who told us: “But open a cat bar!”. It was obvious. “

    The GentleCat houses nine cats, a rabbit and three employees

    Since then, they have continued to diversify, using their respective skills | read more]. “I always said I would write a book about cats,” Jimmy continues. The confinement was the occasion. It took ten days for it to come and it was gone! For now, the novel is self-published. “We had proposals from publishing houses, but we preferred to go it alone. A broadcaster is interested and it could be done in January. ”

    The great moral of the story? “People criticize us that for cats, living in a place like this is not life. Containment has proven us wrong: they miss customers, it shows, they are impatiently waiting for them, like us! “

    ➤ Le GentleCat, 16 rue du Général-Plessier, Lyon 2e. Site and online store: ➤ Novel available on their website and on deposit with Entrechats vets (Lyon 1is ), 19 euros, 300 pages.

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