The planet weeps for the seniors

Toute la planète pleure ses aînés

This is not just in Quebec that the pandemic has severely hit housing for the elderly : more than half of all deaths in Europe in the past few weeks would have occurred in retirement homes. This nightmare has now shipped in North America, where the virus spreads in the residences.

Mortality rate is scary

In France, it was not until April 2, nearly two months after the beginning of the crisis there, to that of the partial figures on the victims of the coronavirus in long-term care facilities (the French equivalent of CHSLD) are provided by the State. This is 7203 elderly French who have perished since the beginning of march. When the virus penetrates into a residence for the elderly in France, the mortality rates reach between 20 % to 30 %. Nearly half of all deaths in the country from centers for seniors.

Disaster in the United Kingdom

In England, public Health stated that 3084 accommodation centres were infected by the virus. New data suggest that more than 7,500 people have died in these centres in the United Kingdom, a rise in catastrophic, while the latest available figures dating back to the April 3, do 217 dead. The number of deaths exceeds five times the government estimates. The 15, 000 deaths in the United Kingdom does not take into account the retirement homes, but only the dead of the hospitals.

“The greatest danger” of the pandemic

The city of New York account for more than 95 % of the deaths across the State. This is because retirement homes in the city are devastated. The state has more than 600, where 2500 seniors have lost their life. Governor Andrew Cuomo has, yesterday morning, describes the retirement home as the ” feeding frenzy virus “, since all the vulnerable people are gathered together. It is, in his opinion, the “greatest danger” of this pandemic.

A “Massacre” in retirement homes, Italian

The world Health Organization has called “the massacre” the situation of the centres for seniors in Italy. In Milan, a centre reported nearly 200 deaths related to the coronavirus and is the subject of an investigation for neglect. In a residence in the tiny town of Rocca di Papa, what are 148 seniors who have been found positive to the virus, while only 11 infections have been confirmed in the rest of the city. The study of the London School of Economics estimates that 53 % of the victims of the country from centres for the elderly.

Residents left to fend for themselves in Spain

Regional data for Spain reported by the media suggest that 57 % of deaths in the country are residents of centres for seniors. This rate is the highest recorded in Europe : 11 000 elders would have succumbed to the coronavirus. As in Quebec, soldiers were deployed in different centres. These have been found in the body, as well as residents left to fend for themselves. Thirty-seven retirement homes are now the subject of investigations, and hundreds of other complaints are being investigated. They denounce that the residents did not experience tests for the Covid-19, did not have access to necessary health care and that the families were prohibited from bringing them back to the house.

We feared the worst in Ontario

About a seniors ‘ residence on six is affected by the COVID-19 in Ontario, 106. The centres long-term care identify about half of the 514 deaths across the province. It is feared, however, that these figures are much higher, given the low screening rates and their time of update. Some residences take a lot of time to inform the families about the outbreak of case, complain to the loved ones. For example, the Eatonville Care Centre of Toronto, said from a single case on the 1st of April ; Friday, 111 positive cases were confirmed by Toronto public health in this residence. Several other centres long-term care ontario brandish confidentiality agreements to not disclose the number of cases and deaths that overwhelm them.

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