The players approved the new collective agreement

Les joueurs approuvent la nouvelle convention collective

As expected, the players of the national hockey League (NHL) have approved the new employment contract proposed by the circuit Bettman, Friday.

Since the players union had already accepted the agreement, it would have been surprising to see a vote to the contrary. According to the journalist of TVA Sports Renaud Lavoie, 78.8% of the players have voted in favour of the agreement, which is much more than a simple majority of 50 % + 1 which was to be reached.

The new collective agreement will be effective until September 2026. It also opens the door to the plane to return to the game of the NHL, which includes the important dates of the playoffs to 24 teams this summer.

If all goes well, training camps will start on July 13, then the teams will travel to one of the two “cities-bubbles” on July 26. The qualification round will begin on 1st August. To note that the players will have the option to refuse to participate in this tournament.

The Montreal canadiens, who will face the Pittsburgh Penguins in the qualification phase in a size of 3 to 5, it will play the 1, 3 and 5 August. If the other two games are necessary, these will be held on 7 and 8 August.

Edmonton and Toronto

The NHL has confirmed that the two towns in question would be well Toronto and Edmonton. Each team will be able to count on 52 individuals in the “bubble”, with a maximum of 31 players. All participants will have to pass a screening test at the COVID-19 as well as to control their temperature and symptoms each day.

The second phase of the lottery of the draft, which will allow a team from the qualification round to put the hand on the first choice of the live auction, will take place on August 10. The draft itself is scheduled for October 9 and 10.

Finally, the final series of the Stanley cup will begin on 22 September and will end at the maximum on 4 October.

The new agreement will also allow athletes to reach a minimum wage more important and their guarantee, as a participation in the olympic winter Games of 2022 and 2026.

“Today (vendred), the NHL and the NHLPA have announced a significant agreement that addresses the uncertainties of the world, with the completion of our season 2019-2020 and a foundation for growth in the long-term of our League”, stated by way of a press release the commissioner Gary Bettman.

The board of governors of the NHL, whose members were to decide to confirm the adoption of the contract, have also voted in favour of the convention.

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