The police found among the volunteers with the killers Sheremet and forgot about customers. Reconstruction

Как полиция нашла среди атошников убийц Шеремета и забыла о заказчиках. Реконструкция

Briefing the police on the case Sheremeta, calling the perpetrators of the murder. Photo of NHRIsToday, the Ministry of internal Affairs detained the first suspects in the murder of Russian journalist Pavel Sheremet and revealed the course of the crime.

Online broadcast of the briefing in the case of Sheremet was “Country”.

Sharamet killed in Kiev in the summer of 2016. Since then, the investigation worked to no avail – and only now were able to detain the would-be assassins.

They all, as expected, was associated with the volunteer movement and the war in the Donbass. And yet no apparent reference to “the hand of Moscow”. However, the presence of the interior Minister Arsen Avakov has not dropped and gave to understand that the “Russian trace” is regarded as one of the versions.

However, with regard to customers, some of them in his long story the police did not say anything.

About them remembered only the attorney General Ryaboshapka and Zelensky, who spoke at the end of the briefing. The President expressed the hope that “next time” client names will be named.

Although the interior Ministry, apparently, is trying to draw a line that customers can generally not be. What it do “volunteers” have planned and carried out the crime in an effort to destabilize the situation in the country. Actually, this motif was named officially by police as a major.

But this is just questionable.

The first results of the investigation analyzes the “Country”.

Suspects in the case

The interior Ministry believes that the murder of Pavel Sheremet was prepared by five people. Whose roles are distributed like this:

Julia Kuzmenko. She is “Fox”. Surgeon at OKHMATDYT and volunteer. She put explosives under the car Sheremet.

Andrei Antonenko. Volunteer ATO, Sergeant of special operations Forces and rock musician, known as the Riffmaster. Accompanied Kuzmenko to the car Sheremet, after laying the explosives again met with her and took from the crime scene. He lived nearby and knew all the yards.

Jan Dugar. The medic in the 25th airborne brigade. She, judging by the video cameras before the murder carried out exploration in the block where the murdered journalist was taking pictures of cameras. Which in turn took it off.

Inna Gryshchenko. Atonica “Puma”. What was she doing and how is connected this crime with other members of the group – is unclear. But the logic of the police it is relevant to the manufacture of explosives.

Vladislav Gryshchenko. Husband “Cougar” Callsign “Butch” and an expert on mine-explosive case. Manufactured an explosive device in 2018 (for another crime) showed the same handwriting with the case of Sheremet. How is he connected to other members of the group (except his wife) is also unclear.

Как полиция нашла среди атошников убийц Шеремета и забыла о заказчиках. Реконструкция

How come this group

I should say from direct evidence that these involved in the murder Sheremet, the police have presented.

On the cameras is not visible any person, except for Jana Dugar that really walked the nearby streets and took pictures of the camera. In the published telephone conversations is also no involvement in the case Sheremet.

To record conversations to which we return. And yet look at how identified the killers. Circumstantial evidence for him really a lot.

Andrei Antonenko or “Riffmaster” came out in his shirt with print on the back. She starred in the video, where a man accompanies a woman who laid explosives under the car Sheremet.

Как полиция нашла среди атошников убийц Шеремета и забыла о заказчиках. Реконструкция

It turns out that sweater with the same or similar print was wearing on the man who in 2015, helped blow up a power line in the Kherson region.

Как полиция нашла среди атошников убийц Шеремета и забыла о заказчиках. Реконструкция

The police found that the supports were undermined activist, nicknamed “the Nazi”. Having studied the circle of his acquaintances, came to Antonenko and found it in social networks photo, which shows that he wears clothes with bright prints.

Как полиция нашла среди атошников убийц Шеремета и забыла о заказчиках. Реконструкция

Practicing communication “of Reefmaster,” went on Julia Kuzmenko. And accidentally – on husband and wife Grischuk: “Cougar” and “Buchu”. The husband was involved in the assassination of a farmer in Ivano-Frankivsk region in 2018, and it already is in jail. And at the end of November, the court arrested in the same case and “Puma”.

On the possible involvement of both to the case of Sheremet “Country” already told. Today the police confirmed that the nature of the explosive device in the car Sheremet and later in the assassination of the farmer were identical.

In addition, the investigation says that he was able to link the assassination attempt in Ivano-Frankivsk region and undermining the support of the Kherson region. During the arrest, “Buchi” they’ve established his relationship with “Electrician” – another atoshnik, who participated in the incident with the power lines.

He was a roommate of Julia Kuzmenko, which previously went, fulfilling connection with Antonenko. The police calls his name, indicating that it is “citizen K”. However, in social networks it is evident that this is another atoshnik Peter Kiyan. He’s on FB have a joint photo with Kuzmenko.

Как полиция нашла среди атошников убийц Шеремета и забыла о заказчиках. Реконструкция

Kiyan directly during serjania Grishchenko came to his house to his car, say police. So he has come to the attention of the authorities.

Also identified another member of this group is Ivan Vakulenko who drove “fur fly” on the scene (talking about the farmer) in a rented car.

That is, the police has United three criminal cases – for transmission lines, Sheremet and his attempt at farmer – one. Based on the generality of the defendants, their personal relationships and some evidence.

So, relation of Affairs of PLC and Ivano-Frankivsk with the case of Sheremet mounted on top Antonenko, “the fur fly” with lines tied through the person of “Electrician”-Kiyan, and the explosive device from the “Buchi” so who blew up the journalist.

Here the most interesting question on Yana, Dugar. She is the only suspect who appeared on camera during the day. That is, her face became known to law enforcement almost immediately. Because Dugar, according to published a briefing video, walked the streets near the murder scene and photographed the camera.

Как полиция нашла среди атошников убийц Шеремета и забыла о заказчиках. Реконструкция

Dugar – known atonica, and identify her needs were quickly. And then to work out all the connections in and out for the rest of the group. Why has it taken more than three years – were never explained. Moreover, Dogar actively communicated with the same “Puma” and other members of the group (this follows from the published telephone conversations).

That is, it is not yet clear what kind of thread is pulled the whole group. Whether it was Dugar, or “Butch”.

As soon as possible to establish the approximate range of the suspects, they began to develop: to listen to the phones and to follow.

It showed the surveillance and examination

This part of the briefing by police just less clear that these people were relevant to the case Sheremet.

The investigators have published several telephone conversations between all members of the group. Including the “fur fly”, who was in jail. The police said that he was specifically given the opportunity to have a phone, so he called his wife and probable accomplices, and it would all be documented.

From these lengthy conversations, it becomes clear two things:

The group really had something to fear. They did not discuss any crime, but betrayed a clear anxiety because one of them is Ivan Vakulenko – in the fall called the police in the case of Sheremet. And after Vakulenko shot, the other sister – “the electrician” called Grishchenko in jail and said he wants to kill himself, after everything he’s done.

On the other hand, this concern might arise from the understanding that they are certain a crime (possible murder) and the case of Sheremet them hang “locomotive”. The latter conclusion follows from the talks, “Puma” with the kind of “Boa”. The sides are very surprised that one of their sister (“Gun” Vakulenko) are on the case Sheremeta (“are they trying this subject with the murder Sheremet bind”). I mean, there is a certain “theme” (apparently a crime in which they all tied together) and Puma with Boa surprised that this “theme” associated with Sheremet.

Как полиция нашла среди атошников убийц Шеремета и забыла о заказчиках. Реконструкция

Как полиция нашла среди атошников убийц Шеремета и забыла о заказчиках. Реконструкция

Next, the Cougar talks with a lady (probably a girl Vakulenko) and says that “Gun” went online, saw a number killed Sheremet and remembered what he was doing that day.

That is not very similar to what they are discussing some well known crime. The gun was clearly in the same topic with them for some crimes, but as for whether it’s Sheremet – question.

Как полиция нашла среди атошников убийц Шеремета и забыла о заказчиках. Реконструкция

Как полиция нашла среди атошников убийц Шеремета и забыла о заказчиках. Реконструкция

However, the police insist that there are a lot of other circumstantial evidence that talking about participation is to the case of Sheremet.

So what Kuzmenko planted the bomb, the experts, it became clear by the way she walks. And caught on camera Antonenko was noticeably limping. Just at this time he had surgery on his leg, which was reported in social networks.

In addition, at the time of the crime, both phones were turned off, which is unusual for both suspects. And the phones spouses Grishchenko almost a day on the day of the murder were in Dnepropetrovsk, and it is at this time no one called. Which is also similar to the organization alibi.

The motive and the masterminds of the crime

This is just the most questions. The police said that the aim was a kind of “destabilizing the state”. And as proof cites a recent talk “the Fox” – Yulia Kuzmenko – with some woman.

They discuss what is necessary “sacred sacrifice”, which can stir up Ukraine. And try on her site Marusya St. John’s Wort (that is, the conversation took place in the presidency Zelensky).

Also Kuzmenko leads the conversation in the spirit “of the case Savchenko” (when she was accused of organizing terrorist attacks in Kiev).

Citizen U. “Marat”, One a brigade commander, I won’t call him if I received such an order, I then load up and go to Kiev.

Citizen K. Fox: And rightly so. I really want that to happen. Me that Kiev did not mind at all.

Marat: To make this Kiev to normalize, we need 4-5 magazines of the city to produce all.

Fox: Oh, Kyiv is such a pussy that there polosaty enough.

However, as you can see, rocket punch offers in Kyiv to spread “Fox”, and its companion (it is possible that he was a provocateur from the “authorities”).

However, there is no evidence of such talk about Sheremet. And wonder, how could his murder to destabilize the situation in Ukraine. Vedb he was not widely known figure.

Only the police pointed out three episodes, which have allegedly to destabilize the government: undermining the power lines, Sheremet and attempted farmer. However, the latter is generally normal raider showdown (which, by the way, at the same briefing, said law enforcement officers themselves). Sheremet, as already mentioned, not to scale figure.

And undermining the power lines in 2015, was part of a campaign to blockade the Crimea and served then as an act against the “patriots” with “occupiers”. And none of the participants in those events are still not convicted.

Also the result says nothing about the customers and the organizers. Remembered about them only Ryaboshapka and Zelensky. But the answer has not sounded. Very similar to the story of the murder of Elder, where the motive was named an ideological hostility to the Elder by the accused. And the customers of the question.

That is, why did you kill Sheremet – after high-profile press conference of the police and remained unclear.

It is obvious that the investigation revealed a group of nationalists and dobrobatovets who hunted assassinations.

However, by itself, the last fact plus presented wiretapping of conversations can have a profound impact on society. After the murder of three children and a whole series of crimes involving the “volunteers” to their “defenders” is already very faded. They are increasingly perceived as a source of danger to society. And business development Sheremeta will only strengthen this trend.

But do the conclusions from this Ukrainian government? Whether they will accept measures to curb lawlessness on the part of various criminal elements who hide behind the guise of “ATO veterans” and “Patriotic organizations”?

It is an open question.
Maria Romanova

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