The police intervene in the “autonomous zone” of Seattle

La police intervient dans la «zone autonome» de Seattle

The police began on Wednesday to deploy in a neighborhood of the u.s. city of Seattle converted into an “autonomous zone” by protesting against the abuse of forces of law and order.

At least 13 people were arrested but no excess of violence is to be deplored, pointed out Carmen Best, head of the police of this metropolis of the North-West of the United States.

The occupation for three weeks of this district by protesters, mostly peaceful, has strongly irritated the president, Donald Trump, who had threatened to use force against those he called “horrible” anarchists ” and ” terrorists from the inside.”

But it is ultimately up to the mayor, a democrat from Seattle, Jenny Durkan, who took the initiative for the disposal of the demonstrators, ensuring that the city had sufficiently offered the protesters the right to express their opinion.

This freedom of expression ” does not require the city to provide a safe haven unlimited, resulting in the occupation of public property, damage to the city and to private property, attacks on the right to move, and the creation of hazardous conditions “, explained the mayor.

“Too much is too much “, for its part, responded to Ms. Best, recalling that the area had been the scene of gunfire.

Police officers in riot gear intervened in the early morning, evacuating six blocks of buildings. They démantelaient the tents and barricades erected in this district, self-proclaimed ” CHAZ “, an acronym for ” Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone “.

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