the police officers mobilized all night long in Amiens

    the police officers mobilized all night long in Amiens

    For the majority, the Samarians celebrated the confined new year. Evening under high surveillance for the police: they were more than 170 gendarmes and a hundred police officers mobilized throughout the Somme. In addition to the usual excesses of New Year’s Eve (wild fireworks, degenerating evenings, road accidents) it was also necessary to check that the curfew was respected. The police had set up roadblocks, as on boulevard de Roubaix, in Amiens north.

    The police want a peaceful year 2021

    At 8 p.m., the curfew comes into force and very quickly the line of cars stretches out on the boulevard. Motorists must show a white paw to the police stationed there. Patricia comes home from the retirement home where she works, she will join her husband to a New Year face to face, “We had the children at Christmas, there are only two of us“. Behind her, Joël lowers his window with a smile on his face. If he’s still outside in full curfew, it’s for”save lives“. The paramedic ends his working day, he is going to join his family,”Tonight I’m going to my mother’s house with my brother. There are three of us and we have a quiet little New Year’s Eve around a raclette“.

    Captain Romagnoli is the night officer at the Amiens police station, and if he’s expecting a hectic New Year’s Eve, the start of service is going well, “So far I have had a holdout. Everyone else understands the maneuver and accepts it completely“. Beyond the curfew, vigilance is essential on gatherings, while we hear fireworks from the early evening. Interventions will be systematic, assures the police. This is where officers are most exposed. So Captain Romagnoli has a message for 2021, “More and more we are victims of mortar fire, stones, all kinds of projectiles. I hope that in 2021 the population and the police will move forward for this new year, I hope so with all my heart“.

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