The policy of American isolationism contributes to the rapprochement between China and Russia

Политика американского изоляционизма способствует сближению Китая и России

The President of the PRC XI Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin said the most kind words at the launch of the first cross-border pipeline linking the two countries. The pipe length of 8 thousand kilometers is a mutually beneficial project, which contributes to China’s energy security and cleaner air in the North-Eastern regions of the country where coal is used extensively, and at the same time bringing Russia much-needed revenue and jobs. In addition, the project is a symbol of a practical implementation of an unprecedented friendly relations and cooperation. But all these are the United States, which because of its isolationist policy has pushed both sides to a rapprochement, encouraging them to seek new opportunities in Asia and Europe.

The project also impresses by the grandeur of the completed engineering work and the prospects that it opens in the future. During construction of the pipeline, which runs more than five thousand kilometers on the territory of China and three thousand kilometres on the Russian side, had to overcome the difficulties associated with complex natural-climatic and geological conditions. When it is fully operational in 2024, it will be pumped to China of 38 billion cubic meters of natural gas per year, which is about 14 per cent of the needs of China in 2018. The project was implemented in a timely manner, given the production cuts in China, as well as economic benefits for Moscow, struggling to overcome Western sanctions imposed over Crimea.

The presence of a common enemy in the United States contributes to the rapprochement between China and Russia

Of course, the President of the United States Donald trump did not expect such cooperation, when we started a trade war against China 18 months ago. His administration saw in Beijing, the greatest threat to American world domination, and to impose tariffs on Chinese goods and the prohibition on the transfer of technology to inflict damage on its economy and competitiveness. The interim trade deal, which is believed to be quite achievable, will not improve relations, and technological war will continue. It is not surprising that China was interested in improving relations with its neighbours, hoping that Asia, Russia and Europe will help him make up for what he lost. XI Jinping and Putin often mentioned by the United States during the launching ceremony of the pipeline in which they participated in the videoconference. XI Jinping said that the development of Chinese-Russian relations would be “a foreign policy priority for both our countries,” Vladimir Putin noted that the goal is to achieve volume in bilateral trade by 2024 the level of $ 200 billion was another step closer. Discusses two projects of construction of pipelines.Beijing always been pragmatic in the construction of international relations. Relations with Washington have soured, with Moscow have warmed, but it is the result of circumstances and forced necessity. China has long been follows the rule of not too reliant on any one ally, so he put so much effort into the initiative “Belt and road”. Closer cooperation between China and Russia does not mean refusal from attempts to improve relations with the United States. Politics trump providing pressure on competitors and allies in trade and technology, was counterproductive. She nudged China, Asia and Europe to get together, and projects such as the construction of the pipeline, are a logical consequence. The world needs multilateral approaches and cooperation, and not in the game trump one of the gates.

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