The political crisis in Moldova: protests continue for second day

PHOTO : Benjamin Demidetski/TASS


The political crisis erupted in Moldova. The second day, protesters are at the entrance to the houses of Parliament, the General Prosecutor’s office, interior Ministry and constitutional court, the correspondent of “MIR 24” Olesea Cazacu.

Ended the first meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers headed by Maia Sandu said that on the eve of the socialist bloc and the “Akum,” was elected Prime Minister. The meeting was held in Parliament, as access to government buildings is restricted. For the third day, it is surrounded by a dense ring of police. At each entrance to the government you will find a tent camp. There are supporters of the Democratic party, which opposes the parliamentary coalition between the bloc “Akum” and socialists and recognizes the Cabinet led by Maia Sandu.

We will remind, the constitutional court of Moldova declared the new government outside the law because MPs voted for it at the expiration of the period designated by a higher authority. Despite this, the government of Maia Sandu has already announced the first resignations. Removed from office the head of the General police Inspectorate and the head of the national health insurance Fund.
The political situation in Moldova is closely monitored abroad. On the eve of the concern expressed by the Secretary General of the Council of Europe thorbjørn Jagland, who, according to press reports, requested the Venice Commission to give an urgent assessment of the decisions, which in recent days made by the constitutional court of Moldova. It is not only about recognition of the government of Maia Sandu illegal, and on the dissolution of Parliament. The Venice Commission – the Council of Europe that deals with issues of constitutional law.

As reported by RIA “Novosti” with reference to the defense Ministry, the national army has promised not to interfere in the political crisis in the country.