The Pope allowed the brides of Christ having sex

Папа Римский разрешил  невестам Христа  заниматься сексом

The Pope has allowed the “bride of Christ” to have sex
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The Pope. Photo: REUTERS

Virginity is no longer a prerequisite for initiation.

The Pope has allowed the “bride of Christ” does not keep her virginity. New rules published on the official website of the Vatican.

– A call to take an oath in virginal, spousal, and fruitful love of Christ is not confined to the physical symbol of innocence. Thus, the preservation of her body in perfect integrity or the practice of virtue, the exemplary chastity, though of great importance, by definition, but not an essential condition, without which the dedication was impossible, – said in the text.

Thanks to the new rules, to undergo the rite of initiation for the service of God can women who have had a sexual relationship with a man and the widow.

We are talking exclusively about the “bride of Christ”, not the nuns. Worldwide, there are about five thousand such women who do not enter into a monastic order, live a normal life, but devote themselves to the service of Christ.

During the initiation ceremony they vow not to marry and refrain from sex. Some girls put on a real wedding ceremony with a white dress, cake and guests. “Bride of Christ” wearing a wedding ring as a symbol of their vows. Earlier, virginity was a prerequisite for the initiation of the “bride of Christ”, although no tests to verify this were not carried out.

The Association is dedicated to the virgins of the USA said that “deeply disappointed” with the way the document excludes “the most important and natural framework of initiation”.


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