The Pope gave a lovely Cape in the style of anime

Папе Римскому подарили милую накидку в стиле аниме

Pope Francis gave a lovely Cape in the style of anime during his visit to Japan, and he happily put the gift for meeting people.

It happened during the Pope’s visit to St. Mary’s Cathedral in Tokyo for dialogue with youth

Pope Francis has long been known that follows a less formal approach to the papacy. So he gladly put on donated happi – is the name of a Cape which is part of Japanese traditional clothing. It is reported Worldofbuzz.

Cape for the Pontiff created in sky blue, white and rasulovich Ombre colours, it depicts the Pope, a joyful meeting participants and Sakura. This figure represents the will of the Pope and Japan to come together.

To make the happiness more meaningful words in different languages, such as English, Japanese, and Spanish, were embossed on the fabric as part of the design.

Among the written Japanese phrases, you can see the words “gratitude”, “pray together”, “what can you do to give hope to the victims of the disaster” and “we are glad that You are Pope.”

Note that the Pope gave a high evaluation because of its great propaganda against nuclear weapons. That is why the Pontiff made a visit to the only two cities affected by the nuclear attack in Hiroshima and Nagasaki for the first time in 38 years.

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