The Port of Montreal in part paralyzed by a strike as soon as Thursday

Le Port de Montréal en partie paralysé par une grève dès jeudi

A large part of the Port of Montreal, and a good share of maritime transport in the country could be paralyzed on Thursday by the outbreak of a strike by the longshoremen.

According to an internal memo obtained by The Newspaper, the union 1125 tank tops has sent yesterday a strike notice of 72 hours at the maritime employers Association (MEA).

Two terminals to the stop

Without a work contract since December 2018, the members announce the complete cessation of the activities of the two terminals (62 and 77) of Montreal Gateway Terminals partnership as of Thursday, July 2, at 15 h and up to Saturday at 6: 59 pm.

This declutching of 40 hours is accompanied by an order of suspension of the participation of the union’s members to the views of the employer, or any training activity.

The workers of the local CUPE 375, whose role is to load and unload ships, have voted in favour of strike action in December 2018, to the tune of 99.5 %.

The employer surprised

The AEM, which includes the bulk of the employers of the industry in Quebec, said it was “surprised and extremely disappointed” by the announcement.

“The Association continues to believe in the negotiation “, said his spokesman, Louis Aucoin, adding that the situation required all the same ” to consider the various options available to it “.

For its part, the Montreal port Authority, who is not directly involved in these negotiations, deplored the situation and does not hide its concern at any actions that could affect its activities.

“These,” insists its vice-president, public affairs, Sophie Rioux, ” are essential for the good functioning of the economy and for the health and safety of the public, in particular in the context of a pandemic “.

The local representatives of the canadian Union of the public service have preferred to refrain from commenting.

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